Monday, April 24, 2017

All Systems Green

Judging by his home gym, it is safe to say that linebacker recruit Thomas Hennessy of Lewiston, Minn., is excited about playing football at Dartmouth:

Speaking of linebackers from the Midwest, the Chicago Tribune/Pioneer Press has a mention of linebacker Jack Traynor winning Dartmouth's Doten Award HERE.
Chad Nice joined the Cornell staff some time back, but the former Dartmouth running backs coach has finally been introduced as a member of the Big Red coaching staff with this PRESS RELEASE.  Find the 2005 Cornell graduate's coaching bio HERE.
As of Monday morning former Dartmouth football players Garrett Waggoner, Andy Gay and Michael Runger have raised 224 percent of their goal as they bring the innovative Cirkul flavored water bottle to market. LINK.
BGA Premium will be back at it tonight with a look at the Saturday and Monday practices and a glimpse ahead at what the coaches are hoping to see over the rest of the week. There are also practices slated for  Wednesday (more about that below), Friday (BGA will look ahead to the Green-White) and Saturday (BGA will recap the Green-White, award winners and the spring as a whole).

For Wednesday it is your turn. What are you curious about this spring? The midweek BGA Premium practice report will be built around your questions for Coach Buddy Teevens.

To send along a question for the coach,  CLICK HERE That will address an email with the subject line, Ask the Coach. I'll select a representative sampling of questions and include Coach Teevens' answers with Wednesday's report.
And finally, with the temperature reaching 70.5 degrees here on the shoulder of Moose Mountain yesterday, we arrived home from Pennsylvania to find the last of our snow melted. For the record, a couple of cinder blocks went through the ice on Joe's Pond in West Danville, Vt., yesterday at 4:32 p.m., making someone $4,600 richer. Curious? CLICK HERE.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Along With About 70,000 Or So Others

Just back from our visit to Happy Valley where we joined a large crowd at Beaver Stadium for the Blue-White Game. Here's how the team took the field:

Click to enlarge.
It's back to work for Dartmouth football and BGA tomorrow. Check in Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for practice coverage and Saturday night for coverage of the Green-White.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

MVP – Most Visual Player ;-)

Greetings from Happy Valley where at last night's Penn State-Northwestern baseball game I saw something none of my Little League teams ever did. With a four-run lead, the Nittany Lions allowed – and I'm not making this up – five runs to score in one inning on wild pitches/passed balls. FIVE! Unbelievable.

We are in Central PA to take in our umpteenth Penn State Blue-White game, something we started doing with our kids because working Ivy League football in the fall generally precludes taking in a regular-season game. (Last year was an exception when Penn State played at Rutgers the night of the Dartmouth-Princeton game just a few miles away.)

That being said, there won't be a report on today's Dartmouth practice but fear not. There will be an overload of Big Green coverage in the coming week with practices on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and a story on the incoming recruits the following week. Be sure to stop by BGA Premium to catch up on all things green.
While we were making the nine-hour drive out here yesterday we missed this report from Fox:

CLICK HERE to watch.

And this one from CBS TV in New York City:

To watch the video, CLICK HERE.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Slammin' Sammy

Heading out to Penn State for the Blue-White game. In the meantime, fresh out of the Dartmouth football offices is a "Mic'd up" with Sammy McCorkle.( Get the Big Green assistant's take on spring so far in Thursday's BGA Premium.)

For a program story I wrote about McCorkle last fall, CLICK HERE.
Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens will join the other coaches involved in next fall's Football at Fenway extravaganza in a ceremonial first pitch when the Boston Red Sox take on the New York Yankees Tuesday in Beantown. Find a story about that and a Facebook Live event HERE.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Here And There

The Dartmouth football office mic'd up nickels coach Danny O'Dea for its latest video. Watch this one to the end for a sweet treat ;-)

Barring unforeseen developments, Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens will live be on the Fox & Friends morning TV show tomorrow. The piece is tentatively scheduled to be on at 7:50.

According to Teevens, the hosts are interested in . . .
". . . football safety, concussive head injury, MVP, tools that we use to make it safer. It’s nice to see people continue to have an interest in what we are doing. With spring practice and spring games coming up there is an awareness. Hopefully people keep learning what we do and more will do it."
Also of interest will be a report at 9 a.m. on the internet channel Cheddar, which bills itself as, "A live and on demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives." (LINK)
You did check out yesterday's posting about the Cirkul water bottle being developed and marketed by former Dartmouth players Andy Gay, Garrett Waggoner and Michael Runger, right? A day ago they were at 76 percent of their fundraising goal. As this is written they are at 102 percent. Check it out HERE.
Buried in a blurb on the STATS site is confirmation of what we pretty much already knew. Harvard quarterback Joe Viviano will be back next fall as a fifth-year senior after missing one year with injury. (LINK)
Speaking of fifth-year seniors, the Ivy League doesn't allow 'em as a general rule, which is why not one but two graduating Columbia punters could be kicking in the SEC next year. This is not a joke.

A Dawgnation story: Ivy League transfer Cameron Nizialek has a real chance to be Georgia’s starting punter.

An SEC Country story: Kentucky football: Australian punter Matthew Panton gives Wildcats new option
With lots of confusing stuff in the recent NCAA ruling on football recruiting FootballScoop has a Q&A that simplifies things. It's unclear how much is just FBS and whether any pertains to the FCS, but this is interesting and long overdue (LINK):
The NCAA is now officially designating camps as recruiting events, which means the organization is no longer policing the impossible-to-track rule prohibiting coaches from talking recruiting with players they brought to camp to recruit.
The Big Green will be back on the field for practice No. 7 today. Check BGA Premium for coverage.

Also, the postponed practice will be made up next week when the schedule will be: Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday. The first three sessions are in the afternoon with the Green-White capping the spring on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Coming Full Cirkul

From the Indiegogo website for Cirkul, the innovative water bottle developed by former Dartmouth football players Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay that "uses flavor cartridges—Cirkul Sips—to bring flavor and nutrients to water:"
One day, as he was getting ready for practice in the locker room Garrett began mixing some sports drink powder into his water. All of a sudden… splat. He accidentally dumped half the powder onto the ground, making a huge mess. Garrett and Andy looked at each other and had an idea; what if there was a water bottle that could flavor water as you drink it and allow you to adjust the flavor strength to match everyone's personal tastes. No mixing. No stirring. No mess. The idea for Cirkul was born. 
Here's a video explaining the concept and benefits of Cirkul:

In addition to Waggoner (founder and CEO) and Gay (founder and president), former teammate Michael Runger has joined the Cirkul team in a strategy and operations role.

Click to enlarge.
With a month left in their Indiegogo campaign, the former Dartmouth football players have reached 76 percent of their fundraising goal.

Learn more about Cirkul and how you can become a backer HERE.
Speaking of innovations coming out of the Dartmouth football program, the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) takes a star turn in a story in The New Yorker under the headline, CAN TECHNOLOGY MAKE FOOTBALL SAFER? A high school in Fort Lauderdale is using everything from state-of-the-art helmets to robots to prevent head injuries.

Find the story HERE.

Former Dartmouth quarterback Dan Shula '06 – who happened to go to the Fort Lauderdale high school in question – is the new Atlantic Coast Regional Sales Manager for Rogers Athletic, a partner in the MVP effort. Check out Dan's Twitter feed with pictures of the MVP making the rounds HERE

By the way, the MVP has its own Twitter page ;-). Find it HERE.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mic'd Up

The Dartmouth football office has posted this video of running backs coach Steven Thames – last year's offensive quality control assistant – mic'd up at sprng practice:

The Rapid City Journal carries a Chadron (Neb.) Record story headlined, "Former Ivy League swimmer now speaks out for agriculture," about the role Anne Burkholder '97 plays as a "leading spokesperson for the beef industry." Burkholder moved to Cozad, Neb., when husband Matt '94 – a former Dartmouth fullback – punted his electrical engineering career to help run the family farm and feedlot near Cozad. CLICK HERE to read the story.

For an earlier BGA posting about the Burkholder's life in Nebraska, CLICK HERE.

And to learn how the football player and the swimmer ended up having a life together, check out a post from her immensely popular Feedyard Foodie blog HERE.
From a troubling story about the financial woes of the former ONE World Sports, which a Sports Video Group story reports "essentially ceased operations last last year"  (LINK):
Multiple lawsuits have been filed against OWS regarding unpaid wages, including one by Linacre Media, which is owed more than $170,000 for producing eight Ivy League football games last fall (as part of a 10-game package, two of which were produced by Harvard Athletics’ video team). 
The Soccer Nation website takes a shot at making the "Academic Index" understandable. CLICK HERE and there's even a link to a site that purports to help determine an individual's AI.
Elsewhere around the Ivies, has a story about the draft prospects of graduating Penn quarterback Alek Togersen HERE.
Ever wonder what to get the Dartmouth football fan who has everything? How about a Dartmouth cornhole game? The price is pretty steep but the game is pretty sweet. (LINK)


It's back to work for the Big Green and BGA this afternoon. Check BGA Premium tonight for coverage out of the sixth practice of the spring.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, Monday

WCAX, the CBS affiliate in Burlington, Vt., stopped by Dartmouth football practice last week and has posted a short video on its web page. (LINK)

Along with the clip there's a story that includes this from coach Buddy Teevens talking about the hole left by the graduation of Ivy League defensive player of the year Flo Orimolade:
"We'll miss him. His personality.  His sense of humor.  Obviously, his play and productivity.  But, we've got other guys stepping up.  We've got Jake Moen, a young guy who's coming along. Jack Traynor has been very very solid for us. Eric Meile as well.  So, we'll find a replacement. It won't be him, but it will be someone like him."
Introducing the WCAX report is sports anchor Mike McCune '92, an All-Ivy League offensive lineman under Teevens.
A story posted by Boston public radio station WBUR under the headline This Teacher's Mission Is Readying Minority Students For Calculus Class begins with a visit from former Dartmouth football player Elliot Kastner, who explains to a class the math and physics behind "the many failures that led to his developing a tackling robot now used for football practice in the NFL and the NCAA."

Find the story HERE.
Our local daily has a story about the new "refueling station" for athletes in the Berry Sports Center  where football players and others can grab healthy "Smoothies, fruit, nuts, cheese sticks, hard-boiled eggs and energy bars," and more to help recharge their batteries.

It's hard to identify him but the picture features defensive lineman Jackson Perry and the story quotes kicker David Smith. (LINK)
College football coaches can get pretty creative finding ways to inform walk-ons that they have earned a scholarship. New Minnesota coach PJ Fleck used an Easter egg hunt. See the story and a video HERE.
Former Dartmouth distance running and cross-country skiing standout Ben True broke his own American 5K road record on Saturday in the BAA 5K race in Boston. True, 31 and a resident of Hanover, narrowly missed a berth on the last U.S. Olympic team. Runners World has the story.
Dartmouth football begins the third week of spring practice Tuesday. Check BGA Premium for coverage.