Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Class Of '22 . . . Believe It Or Not

Sharper eyes than mine have zoomed in on an early recruit for the next Dartmouth football class. Thanks for the heads up ;-)

Marka'il Nixon, a 6-foot, 165-pound wide receiver/cornerback from Iowa High School in Iowa, Louisiana, Tweeted his commitment to Dartmouth HERE. Nixon hasn't yet finished his junior year of high school.

Here's his junior year highlight video:

It's a little late for Dartmouth, which visited Georgetown in 2015, but the Hoyas' much-anticipated, much-delayed stadium (?) appears to be on the way. Find a story with photos HERE.
Dartmouth freshman Trevor Johnson, son of record-setting quarterback-turned-major leaguer Mark Johnson '90, is the reigning Ivy League baseball rookie of the week. (LINK) Through 11 games Johnson is third on the Big Green with a .368 batting average and is tied for the team lead with two homers. He leads the team with 11 walks and has a team-high five stolen bases in six attempts, showing some of his mom's foot speed. Jennifer (Signori) Johnson '90, once held Dartmouth's 400 hurdles, heptathlon and pentathlon records. The Big Green is off to a 7-4 start this season.
Johnson isn't the only offspring of a Dartmouth big leaguer swinging a bat in the freshman class. Softball outfielder Sophia Ausmus is the daughter of Brad Ausmus '91, manager of the Detroit Tigers and former catcher for the Astros, Padres, Tigers and Dodgers. She's appeared in two games with one start for the Big Green, which is 0-14-1.
It was an accident of timing but old friends Gordy Quist '02 and Trevor Nealon '02 and the Band of Heathens happened to be playing a tribute to Chuck Berry on the night before the rock and roll legend died and that coincidence led to a video of their performance showing up on the Rolling Stone website. (LINK) Quist and Nealon were Dartmouth football teammates.

That's Gordy making the guitar sing in the middle of the shot below.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It Won't Be Long

Here's a graphic from the Dartmouth football office with the spring football schedule, which kicks off two weeks from today. It's kind of hard to read but printed in green between each Tuesday and Saturday is a Thursday practice. In other words, practices are scheduled for Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday for the entire month of April. Keep in mind, however, that this is northern New England and   the schedule is likely to change ;-)

Click to enlarge.
People who follow Dartmouth football closely believe the Big Green has won 18 league championships. That's true, and not true.

It's true that Dartmouth has won 18 Ivy League championship. But the Big Green has won 26 league championships overall.

How can that be?

Long before the Ivy League came along Dartmouth was a member of the Triangular Football League, sharing the title with MIT in 1888 and winning the undisputed title in 1889, 1893, '94, '95, '96, '97 and '98. That's eight championships followed by 18 in the Ivy League for a total of 26.

The 1895 Dartmouth team, by the way, played a school-record 13 games.

As Casey Stengel was reported to have said, "You could look it up."

Dartmouth's home games in Triangular League play were held in front of the covered grandstand at Alumni Oval, which debuted in 1893. (Dartmouth photo; click to enlarge.)
Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens will be back in Washington, D.C. Thursday taking part in a program headlined, Can Technology Make Sports Safer? Among the other panelists will be Derek Belch, co-founder and CEO of STRIVR, the virtual reality system that Dartmouth uses.

The program is being put on by Future Tense, a partnership of Slate, New America and Arizona State University. For more details, check out the New America site HERE.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Has Sprung . . . On The Calendar

Welcome to the first day of spring and no, this wasn't shot here. We're still a long way from flowers . . . but not that far from the first day of spring football. In fact, barring a change it's only 15 days away with the Big Green slated to be on the field for the first time on April 4. The spring "game" is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 29.
Missed this while we were away but the American Sports Network is shutting down. (LINK) ASN televised seven Ivy League football games in 2015 including the Dartmouth-Princeton in Hanover. Last year it did the Penn-Princeton game and Rhode Island at Harvard game.
An opinion piece in the Yale Daily News last month argued that the school should stop recruiting athletes. (LINK) From the piece:
Yale could still be a great school if it never produced another good athlete. Actually, Yale could be a great school if it never produced someone who had ever watched a football game.
Check out Yale baseball coach John Stuper's response in a letter to the paper HERE.
Spotted this framed artwork in the Dartmouth football office recently.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catching Up With . . .

The Winston-Salem Journal writes about quarterback Bruce Dixon IV, who started Dartmouth's game against Harvard last fall but transferred to WSSU and is going through spring practice at the Division II school. Back home in North Carolina, he told the paper he was "tired of being that far up north."

“It’s been a great transition, and I found a major I enjoy here. I was majoring in government at Dartmouth, but here I’m majoring in political science, and I think law school would be something I would go into if football doesn’t work out at the next level.”
Find the full story and a video that includes a quick interview with Dixon HERE.
Former Dartmouth football players Gordy Quist '02 and Trevor Nealon '02 continue to get it done with Austin-based The Band of Heathens.

A friend of BGA recently shared this clip from the Kansas City Star showing Quist, center, and Nealon, right, relaxing before a gig at Knuckleheads in KC:

Here's how the Star billed their appearance:
Long before Austin became a tech industry hub and the host of the sprawling SXSW music conference, the likes of Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker made the city the capital of outlaw country. The Band of Heathens maintains that ornery Austin tradition with twang-laden rock songs about burning the candle at both ends.
Another Friend of BGA shared this photo from a Houston-area show, noting that the former Big Green players are: "a shining example of what a Dartmouth Football player can become." That's Gordy on the right with Trevor out of the picture on keyboards:


Thanks for sharing! 

Here's a pretty slick Band of Heathens music video posted last month. Gordy is the first face you'll see and Trev shows up at the 1-minute mark:

Saturday, March 18, 2017


While we were away an email went out announcing that the 2017 Dartmouth Football Golf Classic and Auction will be held at Hanover Country Club on Saturday, June 17. Online registration kicks off on April 3. All spots in last year's event filled up so don't miss out ;-)

If you have a donation for the auction, be sure to touch base with Curt Oberg '78 or Sam Hopkins.

While we were in San Diego we spent one day at Pacific Beach where something that had been left alongside the beach over night caught my eye. Hard to believe. It was gone within an hour of this picture.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Notes

From the Dartmouth football  office. Usual warning apply regarding the volume control on your speakers ;-)

Congratulations to former Dartmouth and NFL defensive back Lloyd Lee '98 on being named outside linebackers coach at Holy Cross. (LINK)

Lee, a two-time All-Ivy League pick for the Big Green, coached with the Chicago Bears from 2004-08 and most recently was vice president of football operations for USA Football.

Holy Cross and Lee will visit Memorial Field on Sept. 23.

(Thanks for the link!)

Here's Lee's media guide bio from his senior year at Dartmouth:

Click to enlarge. (On a Mac, at least, if you click a second time it expands to full size.)
Incoming Dartmouth receiver Masaki Aerts and Hanover-bound running back Dakari Falconer helped the St. Peter's Prep 4x200 team to fourth place in the finals at the New Balance Nationals, earning All-America honors. Along the way Aerts (running the first leg) and Falconer (running anchor) and their two juniors who also played football for St. Peter's broke the school indoor and outdoor records with a time of 1:29.13. Check out their record-setting prelim HERE.

Aerts qualified for the nationals in the 200 the week before, running the second-best time in New Jersey (21:93) in his first individual 200.
From a story in
In the Ivy League they don’t award athletic scholarships. Do they search out great players, compete against the best Division I schools, and win championships in various sports? Absolutely. Well, if they don’t award scholarships, how do they compete and get good players to join their teams?
Want to guess which school they use as a case study in how the Ivy League competes for top student-athletes? Yup. Dartmouth.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

We're B-A-A-A-A-C-K

Nothing like coming home to 18 inches of new snow to confirm you did the right thing escaping to the sun for a week ... and that you came back to the north country, oh, six weeks early ;-)

We rolled through the door at 4 a.m. so this will be short. I'll catch up on some of what we missed in the coming days. In the meantime:

Headed to the football staff at Ohio State as special teams quality control assistant is Adam Scheier '96. He moves on to Columbus after three seasons as Wake Forest special teams and tight ends coach. Scheier, a special teams standout as a player for the Big Green, also coached at Lehigh, Princeton, Columbia and Dartmouth. (LINK)
What catches your eye in this blurb from St. Louis Today besides the company Dartmouth is keeping?
Isaiah Azubuike (5-11, 195) is a sophomore running back who's primed to be a big-time recruit. He already has offers from Kansas State, Dartmouth, Syracuse and Central Michigan.
A sophomore with a Dartmouth "offer?"

Find the story HERE.
Mercury News sportswriter Mark Purdy decided to write 10 columns in 10 hours on March 10 and this one headlined, "NFL survivor talks about the menace of Toradol and painkillers," is centered around Dartmouth graduate Reggie Williams, the former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker.

Green Alert Take: I've read Purdy's stuff before and he's good. After this exercise if I'm his editor I'm going to tell him I expect 50 columns a week from now on.
Speaking of silliness, Sports Illustrated has a story under the headline, The 25 Best Colleges for Sports Lovers. (LINK) A news search turned up the story because Dartmouth comes in at No. 11, ahead of Ohio State (18) and USC (16). !!!!

You might want to hold off on the exclamation points, though. Do read the fine print :-(

And while Dartmouth finished ahead of some big name schools, it finished behind No. 10 Bowdoin, No. 9 Yale and No. 8 Middlebury.
In case you weren't paying attention, here's where we spent the last week, completely off the grid and glad of it. (I'll pay for it over the next week but so be it.)

And here's the view we had a little before 6 each night:

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sun Seeking

Click to enlarge.
The photo is of our tent from the winter break we took near San Diego a couple of years ago. To the left are a couple of folding chairs where we spent our days reading and relaxing, and our evenings watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. We found it was such a perfect getaway that we are doing it again. Over the first dozen years of BGA I've usually toted my computer along on vacations and managed to find somewhere that has wifi in order to post. This time I'm going radio silent. In case you can't read the writing it says:
BGA is on sabbatical until March 16 as we enjoy a solid week of sunshine in a tent on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. No telephone. No internet. No worries. See you when we get back!