Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hang In There

Thanks to a BGA special correspondent, there's a story out of the Calgary Stampeders training camp under the headline, Orimolade a Quick Study. (LINK)

From the story:
Hailing from a place that can claim 79 Rhodes Scholars and 13 Pulitzer Prize winners among its graduates, Orimolade finds himself enrolled in a football school that has produced seven Grey Cups and nine MOP recipients. 
“What I like most about him,’’ says (Calgary defensive line coach Corey) Mace, “is that he’s studious, which I guess makes sense considering where he went to school. 
“He’s looking to get his assignment, his alignment, right. Get the job done properly.
“Physical tools: He’s got a heckuva get-off, great feet, good hands, his pass rush … let’s just say you like what you see early. But can he do it consistently? That’s what’ll separate him from being a training-camp guy or a guy that’ll stick around for years to come." 
For those of you who are keeping score, we close on the house sale Friday. All of the furniture is out of the house so now it's finishing boxing up the basement, the loft and whatever else is left here and there. Then all of the garage and workbench stuff and whatever else needs to be carted off to our storage locker. It's safe to say it's been a thrash and Mrs. BGA and I are dragging.

In a perfect world, BGA Daily will resume Tuesday. After packing up and loading 22 years worth of life we're going to kick back and do absolutely nothing until then ;-)

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Between packing boxes and loading a dumpster . . .

The BGA's mid-Atlantic correspondent has shared the Street & Smith prediction for the 2018 Ivy League football season:

1. Yale
2. Princeton
3. Columbia
4. Penn
5. Harvard
7. Cornell
8. Brown

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Important Time Out From Time Out

Before I get back to packing up I want to point you to a story about Mike Slive written a decade ago by Jack DeGange, the former Dartmouth sports information director who knew him well.

Highly regarded as the commissioner of the SEC, Slive passed away yesterday at age 77. (ESPN story)

Jack DeGange's story about Slive began this way:
During a recent radio interview, Mike Slive ’62 was asked how he manages his time. His answer: 
“I spend 100 percent of my time on the SEC, 50 percent on the BCS, and 50 percent on the (NCAA) Men’s Basketball Tournament Committee. I’m not sure if the guy understood the math.”  
Math aside, this is easy to understand: These days Slive wears several very large hats and ranks among the most influential leaders at the highest level of college sports. Some would suggest he’s the most influential.
Find the full story, which first appeared in a Dartmouth football game program, HERE.

• • •

While I spent a lot of time in trucks like this – as well as 18-wheelers – to pay for grad school we're handling this move ourselves. Now I've got to get back to packing and dumping and packing some more as I await the arrival of a dumpster we hired. To be perfectly honest, working as a mover wasn't fun but at least I got paid for it. This time . . . not so much.

BGA Daily will resume next week (although I can't predict which day).

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Time Out

The coveralls that helped pay for grad school surfaced Monday evening as the process of packing up and moving hit high gear. (Yes, that's my name embroidered opposite the patch.) BGA Daily has no choice but to go on hiatus for a few days as we race to get the house packed up, years of junk thrown out and eventually the truck loaded and then unloaded in a storage locker. Once that's complete we'll be bivouacked in a "tiny" rental while we scan the Upper Valley for the ideal "downsized" new home. 

Catch you in a few.

– BW –

PS: The golf-crazed Nittany Lion '16 took one look at the coveralls, thought about the Masters, and had visions of handing me his bag and yardage book ;-)

Monday, May 14, 2018

In The Pros

Former Dartmouth safety Colin Boit '18 and ex-Dartmouth quarterback Dan Rooney '12 at the Pittsburgh Steelers minicamp. (Screengrab from Dartmouth football Instagram.)

Boit was an "invited rookie on a tryout basis" at the Steeler facility.

Read about Dan Rooney's role with the franchise HERE.
(Calgary Stampeders roster screengrab)

Apparently the talk about former Dartmouth linebacker Flo Orimolade '17 going to the Calgary Stampeders was on target.

Orimolade returns to pro football north of the border after signing last year with the Los Angeles Rams as an undrafted free agent and appearing in several preseason games. He'll be joined in the CFL preseason camp by former Dartmouth tailback Ryder Stone '18, drafted by the Montreal Alouettes.

Should Orimolade make the Calgary roster he will be the second Dartmouth player in 10 years to play for the Stamps. Defensive end Anthony Gargiulo's '06 career with the team was off to a promising start before it was ended when his leg was broken on an infamous play. CLICK HERE and scroll down to the B.C. Lions subhead to read a little about that play and watch the replay.

Gargiulo and Orimolade are 1-2 all-time in sacks at Dartmouth. Gargiulo closed out his career with 25 and Orimolade with 23.5.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Field Work

The April edition of 3D, Dartmouth In All Its Dimensions (Dartmouth's undergraduate admissions magazine) features a story on graduating quarterback Jack Heneghan. It's on the Issuu platform HERE.

From the story:
As a quantitative social science minor, he intitiated his own research project investigating potential implicit racial bias in the way that professional football games are officiated. After gathering data from the NFL and running an original analysis, he tentatively found that referees were more likely to call penalties on players with racial backgrounds different from their own.
Heneghan, who spent his winter studying economics at Oxford University's Keble College in England, told the writer:
"What made Dartmouth stand out," he says, "was that I would have the opportunity to study abroad, and more generally, that the school encourages athletes to be part of the wider student community."

Saturday, May 12, 2018


The annual Dartmouth Football Golf Classic is still a little more than a month away on June 16 and more than 80 players already have signed up. Space is limited and the event did sell out last year so register today!

The Schedule:
11 a.m. – Semi-Annual Friend of Football Meeting at Hanover Country Club
11:30 a.m. – Lunch/Registration at HCC
12:30 p.m. – Golf - Shotgun Start
6 p.m. – Dinner and Awards
7 p.m. – Raffle and Auction

(Editor's note: You don't want to miss the auction. For lack of a better word, it is a hoot ;-)

To register or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, CLICK HERE.
Former Dartmouth safety Colin Boit is on the list of "Invited Rookies on a Tryout Basis" at the Pittsburgh Steelers' minicamp. Also on the list if former Penn quarterback Alek Torgersen. (LINK)

Friday, May 11, 2018

A Little Birdie Says . . .

Following up on the recent post about players receiving Dartmouth "offers," if you want to stay current check out #WOODSNAT19N on Twitter.
In a story about the incoming Princeton offensive class, writer Jay Greenberg refers to four-star quarterback Brevin White as no less than the "most renowned recruit in 149 years of Old Nassau football . . . ." (LINK)
He's not a four-star recruit but an incoming Yale player has quite a story to tell. Check out the short news report about him that mentions Dartmouth as being among the schools that offered 6-foot-4, 240-pound Sebastian Bruno (who would have been a legend at Brown ;-):

And following up on both the recent BGA post about message boards, a thread on the Any Given Saturday board starts with a look at that lauded Princeton recruiting class and morphs into a discussion of how the Ivy League football teams would fare if they were allowed to go to the playoffs or played teams at the top level of the FCS. (LINK)