Friday, October 09, 2015

MVP's Star Turn

MVP Puts Big Green On The Big Stage

If you set your DVR to record the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night there's a chance it cut off before Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens and former player Elliot Kastner '13 showed off the Mobile Virtual Player tackling dummy. At least that was the case up here on the mountain where our DVR was ready to shut down because of the length of the NFL game, which turned the Late Show into, well, the Later Show. Fortunately (or unfortunately if feels like this morning) I managed to stay awake and saw that the DVR was about to punt and called an audible.

At about 1:18 Eastern the MVP made its late-night debut. Here are a few screenshots taken from our DVR and from the online version of the show, which you can watch HERE for the next few days or so.

Bottom line: Colbert was Colbert and Teevens and Kastner did a fine job but the MVP was the star of the show ;-)

Stephen Colbert interviews Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens and former defensive lineman Elliot Kastner  '13 about the development of the Mobile Virtual Player robotic tackling dummy in this screenshot from the Late Show.
Colbert gets a couple of laughs.
The MVP gets quite a welcome coming out from back stage.
Colbert inspects the MVP.

Teevens helps Colbert strap on the iconic Dartmouth "D" helmet.

Colbert brings the MVP down.

For a Dartmouth release on Saturday's showdown with Yale, click HERE.

Yale's full game notes are HERE.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Getting Out The Vote

Remember to tune in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight to see Buddy Teevens, former defensive tackle Elliot Kastner and the MVP tackling dummy.
Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams is one of four candidates for the FCS Player of the Week in balloting on the American Sports Network site. Cast your vote HERE.
Williams is Dartmouth's Brick & Brew male athlete of the week. An interview with the Big Green senior begins midway through this interview:

Yale's game notes for Saturday's game are available HERE.
The Ivy League football notes for the week are HERE.
The Hartford Courant preview for Saturday's game includes a note about junior defensive tackle donating bone marrow on Monday.

This week's game comes on the heels of last week's game against a Penn team that has a heart-warming story of its own. Read about Penn's courageous 4-year-old team captain HERE. Find the young captain's player page HERE.
Speaking of courage, the American Sports Network has a quick VIDEO on former UNH football captain Muji Karim, who lost both of his legs in a car accident in 2011. Find a story HERE. Karim was on UNH teams that played against Dartmouth.

With a scout from the St. Louis Rams in town yesterday there have been 17 NFL teams on campus since last spring to look at more than a handful of Dartmouth seniors. Find a story on last night's BGA Premium.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Dalyn Williams Wins Gold Helmet

Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams has been selected as the Gold Helmet winner, emblematic of the top performer in New England at the Division I level (FBS and FCS) last week. Find the full release HERE.

Homecoming Week Heating Up

The Dartmouth Coop is selling Homecoming T-shirts. CLICK HERE for more information.

WTNH TV sports in Connecticut had a short report on the Dartmouth-Yale game. If the video below doesn't work, CLICK HERE for the original. The headline from the print transcript:
Can Yale avenge last year’s devasating loss to Dartmouth?

The New Haven Register writes about Yale sophomore Deshawn Salter, who exploded for 233 yards and two touchdowns in the Bulldogs' win over Lehigh. Find the story HERE.
That Certain '14 had dinner with former linemen Scotty Whitmore '15 and Keith Hamren '15, who were in Yellowstone and the surrounding area as part of a Dartmouth off campus study program. The two walked with their class in the spring but worked their schedule to be fifth-year seniors this fall – not on the football field but to take part in the college's legendary earth science Stretch program. (LINK)

For those of you following the path being blazed by That Certain '14, she finally updated her blog with a recap of a pretty special year. Click HERE to check it out.

Oh, and she has worked her schedule that her first visit home in a long time will allow her to see the Dartmouth-Princeton football game . . . and that wasn't by accident ;-)

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

More Recognition For Dalyn

From a Dartmouth release noting that Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams has been selected . . .
STATS FCS National Offensive Player of the Week, the FCS National Performer of the Week by the College Football Performance Awards and a College Sporting News FCS National All-Star. College Sports Madness selected Williams as its Ivy League Offensive Player of the Week as well.
And that's not all. Another significant honor will be announced today.

Here's a look at Williams' highlights:

The wise guys have spoken and they've made Dartmouth a 12.5-point favorite over Yale in Saturday's Homecoming game.

Elsewhere it's:

Harvard a 23-point favorite at Cornell
Princeton at home a 7-point favorite over Colgate
Fordham an 11.5-point favorite at Penn
Holy Cross a 7-point favorite at home against Brown
Wagner a 1-point favorite at Columbia

For what it's worth, I won't even buy a lottery ticket so I'm not remotely tempted but at least one of those looks really wrong.
From the STATS national poll:

21. UNH
24. Harvard
34. Dartmouth
38. Princeton

FCS Coaches Poll
22. UNH
24. Harvard
39. Dartmouth

BGA Take: There have been stories over the years about the major college coaches poll and how some coaches allow their sports information directors to do their voting. That's in a poll of teams that it's easy to watch or read about each week. Honestly, how much do you think the coaches who vote in the FCS poll know about out-of-region teams? The guess here is that if the STATS poll disappeared the Coaches poll would look remarkably different – if it even continued.
Posted the note about the Stephen Colbert and The Late Show last night. Saw this on the Orlando Sentinel site this morning:
Thursday: Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and the Dartmouth University Football Dummy.
Good ol' Dartmouth University!

Monday, October 05, 2015

MVP Dummy Set For Thursday Colbert

From a Dartmouth release:
The Mobile Virtual Player (MVP), a robotic tackling dummy developed jointly by Thayer School of Engineering and Head Football Coach Buddy Teevens ’79, will take center stage Thursday on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Find the full story HERE.

More from the release:
The popular TV host will discuss football-related concussions and the MVP’s potential to reduce injuries on the practice field. Colbert, whose Colbert Report persona boasted of a (fictional) Dartmouth degree, will don a Dartmouth helmet to take on the MVP. The Late Show’s new host will also interview Teevens, a leading advocate for eliminating player-on-player tackling in practice, and Elliot Kastner ’13, Thayer ’14, who designed the MVP along with Quinn Connell ’13, Thayer ’14, and Thayer Research Engineer John Currier ’79, Thayer ’81.

Dalyn Williams NATIONAL Offensive Player Of The Week


From the release put out by STATS (formerly The Sports Network):
The All-Ivy League quarterback enjoyed a near-perfect performance in Dartmouth's first win at Penn in 18 seasons, 41-20. He completed 92 percent of his passes (23 of 25) in wet, windy conditions to top the school record which had stood for 53 years. He threw for 336 yards and four touchdowns, which tied a career high, and carried the ball 13 times for 73 yards and the Big Green's other two touchdowns. He went over 400 total yards in a game (with 409) for the third time in his career.
Find his STATS offensive player of the year watch list page HERE.