Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fifth Years?

In answer to several inquiries, there's nothing official on fifth-year seniors at this point.

Defensive back Danny McManus and receiver Joseph Cook made it clear last fall that they intend to petition for medical redshirt seasons and play in 2017.

Also keep an eye on defensive lineman Jeremiah Douchee and defensive back Darius George, who have both expressed interest in potentially returning for another year.

Offensive lineman Mike Langman, linebacker Brian Fordon and defensive lineman Michael Warren are each listed in their bios has having missed entire seasons due to injury. Not sure if there are any others.

With no final word yet from Floren, we'll have to wait and see who is returning.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Combine Countdown

From the Dartmouth football  office:

(A little more about our snow on Moose Mountain at the bottom of today's posting.)
For a full list of players invited to the Feb. 28-March 6 NFL Combine, CLICK HERE.

Although Dartmouth's Folarin Oriomolade and Penn quarterback Alek Torgersen are considered potential draft picks, there were no Ivy League players invited to the NFL showcase this year with one from the Patriot League, one from the Northeast Conference and two from the CAA on the guest list. Here are the FCS players heading to Indianapolis:

OT Julie'n Davenport, Bucknell
OG Erik Austell, Charleston Southern
DE Keionta Davis, Chattanooga
OG Corey Levin. Chattanooga
RB De'Angelo Henderson, Coastal Carolina
TE Eric Saubert, Drake
WR Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington
WR Kendrick Bourne, Eastern Washington
OG Cameron Lee, Illinois State
CB Brendan Langley, Lamar
RB Tarik Cohen, North Carolina A&T
SS Lorenzo Jerome, Saint Francis (PA)
OT Javarius Leamon, South Carolina State
OG Jessamen Dunker, Tennessee State
CB Ezra Robinson, Tennessee State
DE Tanoh Kpassagnon, Villanova
OT Jerry Ugokwe, William & Mary
DE Derek Rivers, Youngstown State
DE Avery Moss, Youngstown State
One of the high school seniors I was watching in January as a potential Dartmouth recruit decided instead to walk on to a Power 5 conference team. What goes into the thinking of a kid who chooses that path over the Ivy League? MLive considers the case of a wide receiver who backed off a commitment to Columbia in favor of walking on with Michigan of the Big Ten. (LINK)

From the story:
Less than a month ago, (Jack) Young had never even been to Ann Arbor and was committed to play at Columbia as he planned a future at the Ivy League school in New York City. Then he visited Michigan in late January, was offered a preferred walk-on spot and didn't hesitate.
"To me, it was a no-brainer," said Young, who was recruited as a wide receiver. "Once I got the opportunity to go play here, I had to take it."
Said the player:
"The school also has amazing academics - you can't get much better than Michigan. Columbia is a really good academic school, but Michigan is as well and the football aspect at Michigan is always what I dreamed for, like a big-time FBS school."
"Lede" of a story in the Los Angeles Times:
In November 1951, the Dartmouth and Princeton football teams played a season-ending game that resulted in a seminal work on the nature of human cognition. 
The newspaper explains what the "psychological case study" derived from the game illustrated:
Princeton students saw the Dartmouth team commit twice as many infractions as Dartmouth students. And Dartmouth students saw their team make only half the infractions that Princeton students professed to see.
Even though students watched the exact same clips, perceptions were vastly different based on their rooting interest.
The famous study from the 1951 game comes up from time to time. Why now? The headline of the LA Times story: There's a lot a 1951 football game can tell us about attitudes toward President Trump.
Now back to the snow. As noted yesterday, the stake in our front yard shows 27 inches of standing snow. But that tells just half the story. Literally.

Snow piling up outside our "sun" room.
A few years back we put a standing-seam metal roof on our house, the better to shed the winter snow. It works like a wonder. What we didn't take into account, however, is the location of the filler pipes for our basement oil tank.

As it turns out the delivery people need to walk over the snow that has come tumbling  off the roof to fill the tank. On occasion in the past the driver would strap on snowshoes to drag the hose to the pipes, but the fellow yesterday had only boots. He got halfway there and judging by the depth of his tracks, he got stuck in four-plus feet of snow before wisely turning around.

Wanna guess what I was doing last night and will be doing again today? We are down to about 1/8 of a tank and there's plenty of winter left. . . . Ah, life in the north country ;-)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

MVP In The Desert

Watch the video report above HERE.

Former Dartmouth and NFL kicker Nick Lowery '78 introduces the Mobile Virtual Player during a morning bit on 3TV in Phoenix, Ariz. The appearance was spun out of the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation Future of Football event. Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens and MVP CEO John Currier were in town to help out.

Cruising Twitter I came across the following Tweet. Maybe the Ivy League has changed its rules. Nah  ;-)

And in case you are wondering, with a couple more storms the snow at the stake in our front yard here on Moose Mountain has hit the 27-inch mark. It's becoming tough for Griffin the Wonder Dog to get around :-(

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Winter Night In Hanover

With more snow due on a slow "news" day, here's a gorgeous look at Hanover in the winter. This is a year old but well worth the three minutes or so. Amazing what drones can do.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Now And Then

Credit to FootballScoop for the idea: Where Were They Then?: Every FBS head coach’s job 10 years ago.

In a posting that includes information on every FBS head coach, FootballScoop found that 24.6 percent of FBS head coaches were head coaches in '07, 23.4 percent were FBS coordinators and 21.5 percent were FBS position coaches. Five current head coaches were out of coaching completely.

That got me thinking about Ivy League head coaches. Where they were 10 years ago? As it turns out, most of them weren't very far (geographically at least) from where they are now. Here's the list:

Phil Estes, Brown – head coach at Brown

Al Bagnoli, Columbia – head coach at Penn

David Archer, Cornell – first-year assistant at Cornell

Buddy Teevens, Dartmouth – head coach at Dartmouth

Tim Murphy, Harvard – head coach at Harvard

Ray Priore, Penn – associate head coach at Penn

Bob Surace, Princeton – assistant coach, Cincinnati Bengals

Tony Reno, Yale – assistant coach at Yale

In the FBS, 13.1 percent of head coaches are head coaches at the same school where they were head coaches 10 years ago. In the Ivy League it's 30 percent ;-)

To access the full FootballScoop story and learn exactly where each FBS coach was 10 years ago,  CLICK HERE.
Do check out a touching Runners World tribute to Maribel Sanchez Souther, the former Dartmouth All-American runner, Big Green head coach, and mother of three young children who passed away on New Year's Eve at age 41.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Way Things Were

Times have changed. Check out Dartblog's report on his year's "snow sculpture" on the Green HERE.
Former Dartmouth quarterback Brian Mann gets yet a little more air time for his completed pass at the Super Bowl HERE.
In case you are wondering, we got 10 inches of snow here at the Moose Mountain world headquarters of BGA over the last day or so. We now have 23 inches at the snow stake out front.
And finally, a delayed thank you to those of you who continue to support BGA Premium.

I always figured the breakthrough for BGA readership would come the year after the program got back to the top of the Ivy League mountain because of the excitement generated by a championship. Finally getting around to my year-end accounting I confirmed what I had come to suspect. I couldn't have been more wrong with subscriptions plummeting to the lowest level in 10 years. Good thing we wrapped up our final college payments last spring ;-)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flo Q&A

Missed this a while back but "Draft Diamonds Prospect Interviews" had a Q&A with Dartmouth's Flo Orimolade that included this:
Q: What was the biggest obstacle in your life you had to overcome, and how did you overcome it?
A: The biggest obstacle is graduating from an Ivy League institution 2 terms early, while giving all I had to football. I just had to sacrifice certain times that I wanted to do other things. I had to be a better time manager and be more decisive in everything I did.
Green Alert Take: I knew Flo had accelerated his studies but it wasn't until reading this that it occurred to me he finished his classroom work ahead of those NFL hopefuls in the '16 class who left after the '15 season and have been on campus this fall and winter wrapping up their degrees. Impressive.

Here's another Draft Diamonds question:
Q: Football is about giving back, what is the coolest thing you have done off the field? 
A: Giving food and jackets to the homeless in Washington DC for the Christmas holidays with my Church. 
Green Alert Take: "Football is about giving back." Seriously?
New Jersey's St. Peter's Prep 4x200 relay team featuring incoming receiver Masaki Aerts and running back Dakari Falconer finished fourth in the Eastern Boys 4x200 at the legendary Millrose Games in New York City yesterday. Bullis (Potomac, Md.) won the race with East Orange (N.J.) second and Imhotep Charter (Philadelphia) third.
Dartmouth grad Ben True '08, who narrowly missed a berth in the Rio Olympics, got a little sweet revenge by winning the two mile over an American gold medalist at the Millrose Games. Ryan Hill was second while Matthew Centrowitz, who won the 1,500 at Rio, was seventh.

From an NBC report (LINK):
True clocked 8:11:33 to notch one of the biggest wins of his career and complete a unique New York trifecta. In 2015, True became the first American man to win a Diamond League 5000m, at the Adidas Grand Prix in New York. He also won the 2015 Healthy Kidney 5K road race in Central Park.
“It’s something special,” said True, a Maine native. “I’m a New England and a Boston fan for cities, but I’ve had some incredible luck down here in New York City for races.”
Seven years of college football? SEVEN? The NCAA has OK'd it for a player who had four tackles against Dartmouth last fall. (LINK)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Show Business

CLICK HERE to read the full story.
You have and will read a lot of stories in this electronic precinct about what former Dartmouth football players are doing, but this one is a little different ;-)

Former offensive lineman Cohle Fowler '14, is a world champion in the International Medieval Combat Federation.

A legislative assistant in Government Relations with the Cherokee Nation based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Fowler helped the U.S. 16 vs. 16 team win the world title last year in Portugal. He told the Tulsa World:
“When I’m all geared up, it’s about 75 pounds,” Fowler said. “The handmade helmets are about 18 pounds. I really enjoy it. It is a great outlet for aggression.
“And, I have a real nerdy interest in medieval history. It just fits together for me.”
Fowler, who once did a post-practice presentation for Dartmouth players using foam swords, was a 6-foot-5, 315-pound O-lineman for the Big Green who earned All-Ivy and All-New England FCS first-team honors.
Boston Globe graphic:
The Globe follows up on the story of former Dartmouth quarterback Brian Mann completing the most-watched pass of his life to Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl. Brian told the Globe about how it all came about after the planners of the halftime show called Rice University to see if anyone there could help out:
“They couldn’t tell me anything about it other than they needed me to make a throw. Then they told me I had to work every day from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., that I would not be able to watch the game, and that they couldn’t pay me. So me being the great negotiator I am, I said ‘I’m in.’”
Find the story HERE.
New Dartmouth offensive coordinator Kevin Daft gets a mention in the notes following a story about Dan Hawkins becoming head coach at UC Davis, Daft's last stop before Dartmouth. (LINK)
And finally, a little levity in the NBC Evening News, even if it didn't get mentioned. Check out this screen shot from a report last night on yet another Donald Trump protest:

Look closely at the sign being held up behind the fellow with the orange hat.

Back when I used to do profiles of Dartmouth football players for the media guide I would ask them their favorite movie. After Shawshank Redemption and Braveheart perhaps the most popular movie was The Sandlot, the sweet 1993 coming-of-age baseball flick. (LINK)

Take another look at the sign above and then watch the first 30 seconds of this one-minute clip from the movie: