Friday, April 18, 2014

The List

(One more player could be added.)

Jack Anderson
Offensive Lineman
6-3, 243
Palo Alto HS
Palo Alto, Calif.

Brock Bacon
6-3, 225
Trinity Christian Academy
Dallas, Texas

Colin Boit
6-1, 208
Eastside Catholic HS
Samammish, Wash.

Jarion Brown
6-1, 172
Franklin HS
Baldwin, La.

Jarius Brown
Defensive Back
5-9, 175
University HS
Lauderhill, Fla.

Brennan Cascarano
Defensive Lineman
6-1, 250
Glenbrook South HS
Glenview, Ill.

Rocco Di Leo
Defensive Lineman
6-3, 245
St. Ignatius HS
Elmhurst, Ill.

Justin Edwards
Defensive End/Outside Linebacker
6-1, 225
Peachtree Ridge HS
Lawrenceville, Ga.

Patrick Flathers
Offensive Lineman
6-5, 275
Bishop Guertin HS (NH)
Dracut, Mass.

Ben Hagaman
Tight End
Franklin HS
Nashville, Tenn.

Ian Hanselman
6-1 ½, 220
Manheim Central HS
Manheim, Pa.

Jack Heneghan
6-4, 220
Menlo School
Atherton, Calif.

Stephen Johnston
Tight End
6-4, 220
Georgetown Prep
Potomac, Md.

Charles Mack
Wide Receiver
5-11, 175
Potomac Sr. HS
Woodbridge, Va.

Eric Meile
6-1 ½, 212
Don Bosco
Ramsey, N.J.

Porter Ontko
6-0, 190
Benet Academy
Naperville, Ill.

* Anders Peterson
Offensive Lineman
6-5, 260
Tuscarora HS
Leesburg, Va.

Charles Pontarelli
Defensive Lineman
6-2, 250
Loyola Academy
Glenview, Ill.

Cameron Poole
Tight End
6-5, 230
Buford HS
Buford, Ga.

Justin Porter
5-10, 190
Kent School
Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Wyatt Schmidt
6-3, 200
St. Thomas Academy
South St. Paul, Minn.

Cameron Skaff
Tight End
6-3, 240
Battlefield HS
Haymarket, Va.

David Smith
St. Paul's School (NH)
Westmount, Quebec

Davaron Stockman
Defensive Line
6-1, 305
East St. John's HS
LaPlace, La.

Ryder Stone
Running Back
5-10, 205
Phillips Andover
Calgary, Alberta

Emory Thompson
Wide Receiver
5-10, 160
Lawrence Dunbar HS
Lexington, Kent.

Nick Tomkins
Defensive End
6-4, 235
Matawan Regional
Matawan, N.J.

Forrest Town
Running Back
5-11, 183
Zachary HS
Zachary, La.

Nick White
Running Back
5-11, 180
Henry Jackson HS
Linwood, Wash.

Ross Wood
6-1, 175
Greater Atlanta Christian
Roswell, Ga.

Andrew Yohe
Offensive Lineman
6-3, 280
Kiski Area HS
Apollo, Pa.

* Deferring for two years for Mission

Heights and weights are self-reported. Positions are subject to change. Not included on the official list, but previously reported by media outlets as choosing Dartmouth, is one more offensive lineman who may also be taking a Mission:

Tanner Aiono
Offensive Lineman
6-4 ½, 290
Francis Parker HS
Bonita, Calif.

Walk-Ons As Reported in Wednesday's BGA:

Marcus Berg
Running Back
5-8 ½, 180
Blake School
Minneapolis, Minn.

Evan Key
6-2 ½, 205
Pingry School
Short Hills, N.J.

Jimmy Knight
6-1 ½, 195
Brunswick School
Greenwich, Conn.

Kyran McKinney-Crudden
Safety/Defensive Back
6-1, 200
Glastonbury HS
Glastonbury, Conn.

Yale has posted its official recruiting class here

The New Haven Register has an overview of the Yale class here.
With next fall's freshman class set (with that one possible exception) the next Ivy classes will start shaping up. Reported yesterday as receiving an offer from Dartmouth is 6-3 ½  250-pound defensive end TJ Smith of North Stanly High School in North Carolina. The Stanly News And Press has a bylined story with a picture.

The local daily has a story today about the return to action this spring of Dartmouth freshman receiver Jon Marc Carrier, who was lost for the season after a frightening helmets-to-helmet injury at Harvard last fall. Carrier was immobilized and rushed to the hospital after the injury but returned to Dartmouth in a car that same evening.
The Dartmouth has a three-question Q&A with Deputy Athletics Director Bob Ceplikas about the Northwestern athletes' push to unionize. LINK The key line:
I have not seen any interpretation that would lead non-scholarship athletes to be affected by this. The very basis of the ruling was that it’s the scholarship that makes the student an employee. 
Legendary columnist Red Smith once said, "Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed." LINK

Trust me, he was only slightly guilty of hyperbole.

That Certain '14 no doubt has experienced the same kind of feeling working on papers for her Earth Science major. But I'd venture to say she understands even a little better now. I thought of Smith's quote after getting a couple of panicky emails from her yesterday as the deadline approached for her second column in The Dartmouth's sports section. Fortunately, she reported in the second email, she had an understanding editor helping stop the bleeding. LINK

(When she told me she was asked to write a column this spring, she asked whether she should write once a week or every two weeks. I'm thinking she's pretty glad right now she took my advice to choose the latter. I mean, it's senior spring, right?

True Ivy League Heroes
At Yale the football, field hockey and ice hockey teams joined in an effort that added almost 700 potential donors to the Be The Match bone marrow effort in memory of ice hockey player Mandi Schwartz, who died in 2011. According to a Yale release, the Bulldogs' previous drives have led to a whopping 23 matches and marrow donations to save lives. LINK

A nod to the Brown football team for taking part in the Be The Match initiative for the fifth consecutive year. Senior defensive back Matt Shannon's career probably didn't go the way he hoped but he will graduate a hero after donating marrow to save a man's life, the result of a previous Brown drive. LINK

With Be the Match having its roots at neighboring Villanova, where coach Andy Talley started his Get in the Game, Save a Life campaign, it's no surprise that Penn football is active in the initiative and took part once again this spring. LINK Two Penn players in 2011 donated marrow to save lives. Find their story here.
Went to see the Kevin Costner movie Draft Day with Mrs. BGA last night and enjoyed it. You have to suspend disbelief a little (a lot?) and there's a scene with Costner, Jennifer Garner and Ellen Burstyn that is so corny it will make you grimace, but all in all it's entertaining. It will be fun the next time I see him to see what old friend Kevin Demoff '99 – Executive Vice President of Football Operations & Chief Operating Officer of the St. Louis Rams – thought of the film.
And finally, Dartmouth has been in the news so much lately – for the wrong reason – that I've made a soft decision to steer BGA back almost entirely to the sports side. The last thing you need when you visit a sports site first thing in the morning is to be hammered on the side of the head day after day. That said, President Phil Hanlon has issued a statement in response to the news of the last few months that deserves to be read. Find a link here.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

More Spring

Another video out of the Dartmouth football offices looks at "spring ball with the DBs." The first clip is a goal line interception by Troy Donahue, who makes the return and celebration documented by a GoPro camera ;-)

Googling around I stumbled across more coverage from the NFL's Tampa Regional Combine. In addition to the video previously cited on on BGA (LINK) the story out of Tampa included this on a Dartmouth pro hopeful:
Garrett Waggoner appeared, at least on the surface, to be among the most impressive prospects in attendance Saturday. At 6-foot-1, 225 pounds, Waggoner showed some skills that would have been competitive at the invitational NFL Combine in Indianapolis. He posted a 43-inch vertical and a 4.1 second shuttle run.
That vertical would have set him among the best of the best for safeties at the main Combine in Indianapolis. Waggoner, a first-team All-Ivy League player for Dartmouth last season, certainly seemed to do enough to earn an advancement to the Super Combine on April 12-13 in Detroit.
For the full story, click here. No word yet on what happened in Detroit.
Among those stopping by practice on Memorial Field yesterday was senior tailback Dominick Pierre, like Waggoner a pro hopeful. According to Dom, several teams have spoken with his agent since the Dartmouth Pro Day.
The NCAA has announced a rule change to protect quarterbacks from low hits. From the NCAA website (LINK):
The rule specifically covers a scenario in which a quarterback is in a passing posture with one or both feet on the ground. In that situation, no defensive player rushing unabated can hit him forcibly at or below the knee. The defensive player also may not initiate a roll or lunge and forcibly hit the quarterback in the knee area or below.
Away from the football field, a BGA follower sent along a link about the Gatorade Connecticut Boys Basketball Player of the Year heading to Dartmouth next fall. Joining the Big Green program will be 6-foot-9, 240-pound Alex Wolf of Greenwich. LINK

Check out his highlight video here. Find more information about Wolf on the New England Recruiting Report site.
Brown announced Monday that it was elevating women's rugby to varsity status. It will be the 11th women's varsity in the nation and second in the Ivy League. Harvard made women's rugby a varsity team last fall. LINK

Brown how has 38 varsity sports with 21 for women.

Green Alert Take: If you listen closely you might be able to hear wrestling coaches cheering.
The Big Green completes its revised Monday-Wednesday-Friday practice schedule tomorrow. Be sure to visit BGA Premium for full coverage of that and every spring session.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Names And Numbers

Unofficial Dartmouth Recruiting Class of 2018:

Offensive Line: (5) Tanner Aiono,  Jack Anderson, Patrick Flathers, Anders Peterson, Andrew Yohe
Tight End: (4) Ben Hagaman, Stephen Johnston, Cam Poole, Cam Skaff
Wide Receiver: (2) Charles Mack, Emory Thompson
Running Back: (3) Ryder Stone, Forrest Town, Nick White
Quarterback: (2) Jarion Brown, Jack Heneghan

Defensive Line/End: (6) Brennan Cascarano, Rocco Di Leo, Justin Edwards, Charles Pontarelli, Davaron Stockman, Nick Tomkins
Linebacker: (3) Brock Bacon, Ian Hanselman, Eric Meile, 
Corner: (2) Jarius Brown, Justin Porter
Safety: (3) Colin Boit, Porter Ontko, Ross Wood 

Kicker/Punter: (2) Wyatt Schmidt, David Smith

Marcus Berg
Running Back
5-8 ½, 180
Blake School
Minneapolis, Minn.

Evan Key
6-2 ½, 205
Pingry School
Short Hills, N.J.

Jimmy Knight
6-1 ½, 195
Brunswick School
Greenwich, Conn.

Kyran McKinney-Crudden
Safety/Defensive Back
6-1, 200
Glastonbury HS
Glastonbury, Conn.
Princeton has joined Penn in naming a new athletic director. Succeeding onetime Dartmouth basketball coach Gary Walters is Mollie Marcoux, a former Princeton ice hockey and soccer standout most recently with Chelsea Piers, the sports complex. The Trenton Times has a story.

With Marcoux at Princeton and Grace Calhoun replacing Steve Bilsky at Penn it will be interesting to see how the push for an Ivy League basketball tournament proceeds, and whether the Quixotic dream of sending the Ivy League football champion to the NCAA playoffs gains any traction.

Tiger football coach Bob Surace graduated from Princeton in 1990, one year ahead of Marcoux. He had this to say in the Times story:
“She’s the absolute best. My wife played soccer here with her. She was the Tasmanian Devil. She can beat any of our guys in golf. Whatever she does, she’s successful. We could not have gotten a more qualified person.”
The decision to shift yesterday's practice ahead by 24 hours looked pretty good during yesterday's downpour. The Big Green will be back on the field this afternoon for the second of the week's three sessions and, as always, there will be full coverage on BGA Premium. The mercury (silicon?) is expected to challenge 40 degrees by practice with full sun. The final practice of the week is slated for Friday.

Spent several hours clearing our deck of snow earlier this week only to wake this
 morning to three new inches of the stuff. No worries. It won't last long ;-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1996 Revisited

Google News is a regular stop each morning as I try to dig up interesting nuggets for the blog. Today's news search turned up a story from The Dartmouth headlined, Football team looks to tackle title.

Hmm, I wondered, did I somehow miss a story about spring football in The D?

Because I didn't remember seeing the story, I clicked through and discovered that for some reason the news aggregator – which usually pulls up current stories – somehow ended up pointing to an Aug. 14, 1996 story. Given that I was covering the team at the time for the local daily, I read the story with interest.

History would prove the headline was fitting. Dartmouth did, in fact, "tackle the title," finishing the year a perfect 10-0.

A line from the story in The D:
The defense, which was the top-rated unit in the league last season, once again looks strong. It will be anchored by a corps of talented linebackers: (Mark) Abel, who led the team with 136 tackles last season, Brian Schmidt '97 and Zack Walz '98.
Walz would go on to make the All-Ivy League first team for the second of three times in '96, and be drafted by the Arizona Cardinals a year later after making All-Ivy yet again. He ended up playing in the NFL for five years. (Editor's note: I was fortunate enough to cover his first start at the Vet in Philadelphia.)

Here's the ironic part of Google turning up the '96 story: Although Walz retired in 2002, he will be in the news again shortly.

Bob Ley, host of the acclaimed ESPN show Outside the Lines, spoke with Walz as part of an Outside the Lines special, Pat Tillman: 10 Years Later an Enduring Tragedy. Walz was a good friend and roommate of Tillman when they were teammates on the Cardinals.

The Outside the Lines special is slated to be broadcast one week from today, April 22, from 8-9 p.m.

For what it's worth, I wrote a story about Walz and Tillman 10 years ago. Find it here.
After retiring from the NFL, Walz founded Student-Athlete Showcase, which a decade later is still going strong, as the SAS website says, "delivering the most successful college recruiting results."

Find Zack's SAS bio here.
As you may already know, with rain in the forecast Dartmouth held today's scheduled football practice yesterday. Find full coverage on BGA Premium.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Two-Sport Stars

The Dartmouth rugby team claimed its 14th Ivy League title in 17 years last week with a 52-3 thrashing of Harvard. Senior Robbie Anthony, who wrapped up his career as a wide receiver on the Dartmouth football team in the fall with 16 catches for 131 yards and one touchdown, had the following to say about beating the Crimson for the title in a Q&A pulled together by The Dartmouth:
"I hadn’t beaten Harvard in football yet, except in a couple of scrimmages, which don’t count. It was nice to look at the scoreboard and see us beating Harvard by 50 points. We expect to win that every year, so I guess the celebration was a little more muted than you would expect, but it was still fun. It’s still cool to say we won the Ivy League Championship."

With another Ivy League title safely in hand, the Big Green returned to action Saturday in the Varsity Cup, billed as the "nation's premier XV tournament." Ironically, Anthony found himself lined up against Clemson, where he walked on to the football team and played one semester of rugby before transferring to Dartmouth. The Big Green again won handily, defeating the Tigers, 59-24, to earn a round-of-eight matchup against powerhouse BYU.

Anthony has been joined on the Dartmouth rugby team this spring by three teammates who played a little football in Hanover: former defensive end Zack Fowler, former defensive lineman Max Kingsley and former running back Pedro Robinson.
While Anthony was running up and down Brophy Field, fellow receiver Bo Patterson was helping the Dartmouth baseball team take three out of four games against division-leading Yale at Biondi Park. Patterson, who led the Big Green with six TDs on a team-high 25 catches last fall, played a key role as Dartmouth rebounded from a loss in the first game of Sunday's twinbill to win the all-important nightcap, 4-2.

After Yale scored twice in the top of the fifth of the second game, the speedy Patterson lofted a two-out fly ball that dropped in front of the Bulldog center fielder. Patterson legged it into a double, putting runners on second and third. He came around to score on a two-run double that tied the game.

The Big Green went in front with a single run in the sixth and added a critical insurance tally in the seventh when Patterson led off the inning with a ground single up the middle. He then beat the throw to second on a sacrifice bunt and scored on a single.

The left fielder is batting .262 (the team is at .263) on 11-for-42 with two doubles and six RBIs.

Bidding for its seventh consecutive division title, Dartmouth entered the weekend three games behind Yale. After sweeping two games Saturday, the Big Green dropped the first game Sunday and by most accounts had to win the nightcap to have a realistic shot at another title.

The Big Green plays four games at Brown this weekend before home-and-home doubleheaders with Harvard the next week. Yale will be home for a pair of doubleheaders against Harvard this weekend before closing Ivy League play with home-and-home twinbills against Brown.

Dartmouth's win over Yale in the finale of the series gave head coach Bob Whalen his 499th career victory. The Big Green will try to give him No. 500 Tuesday against UMass Lowell.
An Ivy League "pump-up" video has been posted by something called iReviewFootball:

Dartmouth football had been scheduled to hold its fourth practice of the spring tomorrow but the session has been moved up to this afternoon. Check BGA Premium for full coverage of the first padded practice of the spring.
And finally . . .

It was 39 degrees here on the mountain when I sat down at the keyboard this morning. The temperature is expected to soar to 79 degrees later today. By Wednesday the high is slated to be 39. You know what they say about whether in these parts? Wait 15 minutes. It will change ;-)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feel A Draft Coming?

Slow day so here's something from the archives . . .

Ivy League NFL Draftees Since 1995

1998 Sean Morey, New England, Round 7
2006 Zack DeOssie, New York Giants, Round 4
2009  David Howard, Tennessee, Round 7

1996 Marcellus Wiley, Buffalo, Round 2

1996 Seth Payne, Jacksonville, Round 4
1996 Chad Levitt, Oakland, Round 4
2005 Kevin Boothe, Oakland, Round 6
2013 JC Tretter, Green Bay, Round 4

1997 Zack Walz, Arizona, Round 6
2003 Casey Cramer, Tampa Bay, Round 7

1997 Matt Birk, Minnesota, Round 6
1999 Isaiah Kacyvenski, Seattle, Round 4
2004 Ryan Fitzpatrick, St. Louis, Round 7
2013 Kyle Juszczyk, Baltimore, Round 4

1997 Mitch Marrow, Carolina, Round 3
1998 Jim Finn, Chicago, Round 7
2001 Jeff Hatch, New York Giants, Round 3

2000 Dennis Norman, Seattle, Round 7
2014 Mike Catapano, Kansas City, Round 7

2000 Than Merrill, Tampa Bay Round 7
2000 Eric Johnson, San Fransciso, Round 7
2003 Nate Lawrie, Tampa Bay, Round 6
2010 Shane Bannon, Kansas City, Round 7

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring (Football) Has Sprung

Another video with scenes from the first day of spring football, this courtesy of the office of sports publicity:

Penn receiver Conner Scott, whose brother Tanner Scott '11 was an All-Ivy League wide receiver at Dartmouth, will serve as a Quaker football captain as a fifth-year senior. LINK

From the Penn site:
Scott was limited to seven games last (year) and missed all of 2011 due to injury, but still ranks ninth all-time at Penn with 100 career receptions and is 10th in school history with 1,255 yards. He earned second-team All-Ivy status as a sophomore and led the Quakers in receiving last season.
Les Lawrence, who helped with the Dartmouth freshmen under John Lyons before first-year players were allowed to play with the varsity, has been named head coach at nearby Mascoma Valley Regional High School. LINK

You didn't know that the Ivies were late to the party allowing freshman eligibility? Check out this 1993 story from the Hartford Courant.
The third of 12 spring football practices will be held this morning on Memorial Field. Check BGA Premium tonight for full coverage.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Show Time

Dartmouth Football has posted a video look at the first day of spring practice. (Standard warnings apply about the volume control/mute button for anyone over a certain age ;-)

The local daily has a lengthy story about Dartmouth defensive back Evan Bloom, who will commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marines the day before graduation in June. He's hoping to become a pilot. Find the story here and his football bio here.
Joining the Dartmouth coaching staff to work with the defensive line is longtime Yale assistant Duane Brooks, who played for Buddy Teevens at Maine and worked alongside current Dartmouth assistants Keith Clark and Kyle Metzler in New Haven. He has coached in Maine the past several years.

Find an old Yale bio here.

Brooks replaces Kevin Lewis, who returned to his native Virginia to coach at William & Mary. For more on Brooks and Thursday's practice, visit BGA Premium.

The third practice of the spring is set for Saturday morning at 9:45. As always, there will be full coverage on BGA Premium.
Princeton quarterback Quinn Epperly completed 68 percent of his throws with 25 touchdowns and just three interceptions last year while also leading the team in rushing. Epperly and Connor Michelsen – who split time with Epperly in the past – as well as highly regarded Kedric Bostic will all be back for the Ivy League co-champions next fall. But guess what? There's another quarterback going through spring ball who is referred to as, "Princeton's highest-profile prospect since probably, Keith Elias in 1990." Check out Jay Greenberg's column on Chad Kanoff.

Princeton offensive coordinator John James Perry on the rising sophomore who walked away from a commitment to Vanderbilt:
"(I)f Chad wants to start, he is going to have to beat out the best player in the league in Quinn . . ."
Dartmouth quarterback Alex Park and coach Buddy Teevens
are shopping for a few more wins next fall.
Turns out the carts are stand-ins for linemen during drills and pass skeleton.