Thursday, July 28, 2016

Poll Position

Dartmouth will square off against two teams from the powerhouse CAA this fall, with New Hampshire invading Memorial Field on the night of Sept. 17 and Towson making its first trip to Hanover on Oct.15.

The CAA unveiled its annual preseason poll of coaches and media relations directors yesterday and it came out like this:

1. Richmond (19 first-place votes), 283 points
2. William & Mary (1), 250
3. James Madison, 209
4. Villanova, 197
5. New Hampshire (3), 186
6. Towson, 180
7. Delaware, 171
8. Stony Brook, 111
9. Maine (1), 107
10. Elon, 72
11. Albany, 69
12. Rhode Island, 37

Chosen to the All-CAA preseason team from Towson was running back Darius Victor, who will be bidding for his third 1,000-yard season this fall behind an offensive line that returns intact.

Corner Casey DeAndrade was UNH's lone representative on the team.

UNH has advanced to the NCAA playoffs 12 consecutive seasons, including trips to the semifinals in 2013 and 2014.

UNH Since 2004
2004 – 10-3 (NCAA Quarterfinals)
2005 – 11-2 (NCAA Quarterfinals)
2006 –  9-4 (NCAA Quarterfinals)
2007  – 7-5 (NCAA First Round)
2008 –  10-3  (NCAA Quarterfinals)
2009 –  10-3  (NCAA Quarterfinals)
2010 –  8-5 (NCAA Quarterfinals)
2011 –  8-4 (NCAA Second Round)
2012 – 8-4 (NCAA Second Round)
2013 – 10-5 (NCAA Semifinals)
2014 – 12-2 (NCAA Semifinals)
2015 – 7-5 (NCAA First Round)

Towson has gone to the playoffs twice in the past five years and by some accounts narrowly missed returning last fall. The Tigers played for the national championship in 2013.

Towson Last Five Years
2011 – 9-3 (NCAA Second Round)
2012 – 7-4
2013 – 13-3 (NCAA Championship Game)
2014 – 4-8
2015 – 7-4
There's been a rumor circulating that Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams, cut by the Chicago Bears, has been/is being picked up by the Green Bay Packers but at this point it seems like just that. A rumor.

CLICK HERE to see all 2016 NFL quarterback transactions. The listing shows Dalyn being signed by the Bears on June 9 and being waived on July 20, but that's the only place he shows up.

Perhaps there was confusion because the Pack waived quarterback Ryan Williams on May 26 and signed quarterback Marquise Williams that same day. Marquise Williams is a rookie free agent out of North Carolina.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chief Engineer

Vernon Harris: I'm an Engineer and an NFL Player:

Much to the chagrin of a few emailers setting up their travel plans, Dartmouth football game times have not yet been announced. A little Googling of opposing team sites and various ticket offices has allowed a partial time schedule to be compiled.

Here's what we know now, keeping in mind there is a very good chance that a few times – and perhaps even a day – may change:

Sept. 17 New Hampshire, 7 p.m. (Night for sure, time is best guess.)
Sept. 24 at Holy Cross 1:05 p.m.
Oct. 1 Penn TBA
Oct. 8 at Yale 1 p.m.
Oct. 15 Towson 1:30 p.m.
Oct. 22 at Columbia TBA
Oct. 29 Harvard TBA
Nov. 5 at Cornell 1:30 p.m.
Nov. 12 Brown Noon
Nov. 19 at Princeton 1:30 p.m.

Expect that the official game times will be announced within the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Well, Look At That

I'm not in the habit of reading about fashion models but when I saw a mention on Dartblog of a former Dartmouth field hockey player-turned-volunteer coach I clicked through and got a kick out of where one of the pictures was taken. You might, too.

Check out the full Tab story about Ludwig HERE.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh on his new defensive coordinator, who left a local Vermont high school to start his college coaching career at Dartmouth:
“I get a big smile about Don Brown every time I hear his name. He is a legend in my mind. Everything he has been associated with has been successful, even when he was the baseball coach at Yale.” 
And . . .
“The number of people who come up to me and say, ‘Don Brown was the best coach I ever had,’ is amazing.” 
Wonder what kind of team New Hampshire will bring to Dartmouth for the Big Green opener on Sept. 17? Check out the CAA Football Media day, airing on ESPN3 at ±10 this morning from the Baltimore Ravens' stadium. Coach Sean McDonnell, running back Dalton Crossan and corner Casey DeAndrade are scheduled to appear.

Green Alert Take: I've been on record more than a few times lamenting that the Ivy League football media day is nothing more than one long phone call. It's water under the bridge now, but long before Facetime and Periscope etc., the Ivy League had the cutting edge technology to break new ground by streaming a video preseason press conference. It's a shame the league didn't do it then. It's more of a shame it isn't done now.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Check It Out

It's overly simplistic and there's probably nothing here you didn't already know, but how could you not check out the History of Ivy League Schools: Sports and Education told in four minutes?

This was published in 2011 and has a few football scenes, although none from Dartmouth:

From a Tulsa Beacon story:
"First-year OU defensive line coach Calvin Thibodeaux will be facing his old team when the Sooners host Kansas this year. Thibodeaux spent last season with the Jayhawks in the same role. He also spent three years at Tulsa and one season at Dartmouth."
Read about Thibodeaux landing at his alma mater HERE.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Right Stuff

A few years ago someone who should have known better painted football players as "antithetical" to the mission of a college like Dartmouth.

There are a lot of past and current football players that person ought to meet, and one of them is former offensive lineman Will Montgomery '11.

Montgomery, whose honors thesis was entitled, "An Investigation into the Reactivity of Cyanoindole Compound," just successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin. The three-year letterwinner and two-year starter will begin post-doc work in drug development at the University of Illinois next month.
Speaking of academics and the Ivy League, have you ever checked out the page Understanding the Academic Index? (LINK)

Editor's Note: I may have to ask Will Montgomery to explain it to me ;-)
On that subject of the AI, I've posted this before but this pithy thought a Dartmouth alum included in an opinion piece in The Dartmouth:
The college can admit anyone it wants who is not a student-athlete, regardless of GPA or test scores. But if the candidate happens to be a student-athlete, the college cannot admit him/her without certain GPA/test scores per the Academic Index established by the Ivy League.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dartmouth South

Image result for mississippi state logo

Add Jarrail "JJ" Jackson Mississippi State to the ranks of former Dartmouth football coaches on the Bulldogs' staff.

SI reports that Jackson, who turned Oklahoma into a Dartmouth hotbed and brought Dalyn Williams to Hanover from Texas, is joining the MSU recruiting office. (LINK)

Jackson coached at Dartmouth from 2006-11, then spent three years at Washington State and last year as quarterback coach at Davidson.

In addition to Jackson, former Dartmouth coaches Scott Sallach and Mike Bruno are on staff at MSU.

Sallach, who coaches the Bulldog tight ends, was wide receivers coach and special teams assistant at Dartmouth from 1998-2002. He was a college teammate of State head coach Dan Mullen at Ursinus.

Mike Bruno, who got his start as video coordinator at Dartmouth in 2011 and rose to work as nickels coach, is a defensive graduate assistant this year at Mississippi State.

(Thanks to BGA's loyal West Coast correspondent for the tip on JJ ;-)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Ivy Today, Ivy Yesterday

The Ivy League has a new (?) all-sports promotional video:

Curious what Sports Illustrated wrote prior to the first season of Ivy League football in 1956? Check out the story in the SI Vault HERE. (Getting a nod in the story is Dartmouth captain Bob Rex, still a regular at Big Green practices.)

While we're at it, the SI Vault also features a 1955 column under the heading:
The Question: As captain in a Rose Bowl game, do you believe that the Ivy League decision to ban spring football practice and postseason bowl games is good for football?
Find out what former Rose Bowl captains said at the time HERE.

The Manchester Union Leader took advantage of Thursday's Double-A baseball game between the Trenton Thunder and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats to write a piece about Dartmouth football announcer Adam Giardino, in town as the voice of the Thunder. Giardino inherited the role from Bob Lipman, one of the Fisher Cats announcers. Find the Manchester Union Leader story HERE.

The current and past Dartmouth announcers will be reunited when Giardino makes the call for the Big Green and Lipman is on the mic for the University of New Hampshire in the showdown for Granite State bragging rights on the evening of Sept. 17 in Hanover.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


With a week or so to go until NFL camps open Dalyn Williams is without a team. The record-setting Dartmouth quarterback who signed with the Chicago Bears in June was cut yesterday, three weeks after the team claimed quarterback Connor Shaw off waivers from the Cleveland Browns.

There's a brief mention of the transaction in the Chicago Sun Times.
Dartmouth graduate Jacob Flores is front-and-center in a photo accompanying a story about offensive line depth on the Green Bay Packers' SB Nation site. The story details what to expect of each lineman currently on the roster. Of Flores it says:
He has little chance of making the roster, but the Packers tend to keep a player who can contribute at center on the practice squad, so if he has a nice camp he could earn an invite back after final cuts.
Former Cornell lineman JC Tretter, who is in his fourth season with the Pack, gets a writeup that includes this:
He will hit free agency in March  . . but hopefully will return to Green Bay with a chance to help replace one of the veterans who departs.
From the Ivy League office (LINK):
The Ivy League will use an experimental rule for the 2016 football season to move kickoffs to the 40-yard line and touchbacks to the 20-yard line in an effort to reduce concussions and further promote the safety and welfare of its student-athletes.
Green Alert Take: Terrific idea. What bugs me is a quote accompanying the story. "This experimental rule change is another example of The Ivy League leading the nation in concussion prevention."

Apologies if what I'm going to say strikes you as snarky, but I can just hear people around the country saying the new rule might protect the players, but the rest of the Ivy League is putting its arm at risk patting itself on the back.
The College Sports Journal Ivy League countdown continues with Yale pegged to finish third in the conference this fall. Find a link to the Yale preview HERE.

CSJ's predictions so far:
3. Yale 
4. Princeton 
5. Dartmouth 
6. Brown  
7. Columbia 
8. Cornell
We put out Trail Magic at the Appalachian Trail several hundred yards down the road yesterday and among others, had hikers from Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Hawaii, Germany, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland and Missouri sign the ledger we left. They use trail names like SnailPace, Lion-Heart, Lost&Found, Not-A-Bear, Bumble Bee, Breakneck and Sleeping Beauty.

Toto Toyota did not sign the ledger for one important reason. He/She is . . . well . . . a famous hubcap.

After taking a photo of Toto Toyota being ceremoniously handed from SnailPace to Hawaii on the South Peak of Moose Mountain yesterday afternoon I Googled him up to learn more. Among other citations, I found this from a Pacific Crest Trail posting:
This is Toto Toyota the PCT hubcap! He was just a piece of litter until we packed him out. He was found on mile 342 on the PCT (he'll pick up the miles he misses one day). He was passed from hiker to hiker all the way to Canada in 2015. On February 29, 2016 he rolled on to the AT.
Please pass him hiker to hiker, never leave him in a shelter or at a water source. People might assume he's litter. 
Take photos with him doing all the things normal hikertrash do. 
If he makes it to Katahdin please contact Pretzel to make arrangements to get him home safely.