Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Williams, Gorman Honored

Two football players were among the honorees at the college's annual  Celebration of Excellence.

Quarterback Dalyn Williams was presented with the Alfred E. Watson Trophy as Dartmouth's outstanding male athlete of the year.

The Timothy Wright Ellis 1955 Memorial Award, "given to a man showing extracurricular and scholastic drive, spirit, loyalty and amiability . . .  nominated and voted on by the captains of the men’s teams," went to wide receiver Daniel Gorman. (LINK).

I was looking around the bookstore a couple of days ago trying to find preseason football magazines (so I could sneak scans of the Ivy League predictions without buying the mags) but I came up empty. It's part of the price we pay for being a little, um, remote around here.

Fortunately, sharp eyes from a more centrally located area found the Sporting News issue. An email shared the venerable magazine's Ivy League prediction. It goes like this:

1. Penn
2. Harvard
3. Yale
4. Dartmouth
5. Brown 
6. Princeton
7. Columbia
8. Cornell

Green Alert Take: This is about how I expect most prognosticators will go. That said, I think there will be a lot of pundits who pick Dartmouth ahead of Yale, and Princeton ahead of Brown.

Sporting News predictions for Dartmouth's non-conference opponents:

New Hampshire was picked fourth in the CAA.
Towson was picked sixth in the same powerhouse conference.
Holy Cross was chosen third in the Patriot League.

(Thanks for sharing ;-)
Do you ever wonder How Quarterbacks Are Made? A recent MMQB piece on the Sports Illustrated site does a terrific job at sorting through quarterback demographics. Good reading HERE.
As long as we're at it, have you ever wondered what the deal is with the IMG Academy starting up, "America's Most Talented High School Football Team?" Here's the story:

Duke coach David Cutliffe found an interesting way to have walk-on defensive end Danny Doyle learn that he is being awarded a scholarship. Check out the quick video HERE.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Big Greenipedia

I don't know who got this started or who updates it but as is often the case, Wikipedia is a pretty fair one-stop shopping place for a general overview of the 2015 Dartmouth championship football season. Click the graphic below to enlarge it (and then click it again) or, better yet, just visit the page HERE.

You can check out a page for each Dartmouth team from 2011 on. There is even a link to the 1925 National Championship team.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh to young campers and their families as quoted in the Detroit Free Press:
 “There’s a lot of people attacking football these days, talking about it being too rough of a sport or too tough. I feel like there’s a real prejudice against football at all levels. But there’s just a misconception about football. ... Football’s never been safer than it is now with the rule changes and technique changes.”

Monday, May 23, 2016

Most Improved

At halftime of the spring game Dartmouth's most improved players were announced. They were:

Quarterback: Bruce Dixon IV
Wide Receiver: Drew Hunnicutt
Tight End: Cam Poole
Running Back: Miles Smith
Offensive Line: John Kilcommons
Defensive Line: Mike Warren
Linebacker: Jack Traynor
Strength & Conditioning: (Linebacker) Jake Moen
Defensive Back: Justin Porter
Safety/Nickel: Nick Peart
Specialist: (Punter) John Katzman

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The Dartmouth has a story about Dartmouth's use of Championship Analytics. Running backs coach Chad Nice explains that the information provided by the company, "allows us to make data-driven decisions and not (purely) emotional (ones). It makes sure everyone is on the same page."
Work on replacing the FieldTurf surface at Memorial Field is slated to begin Wednesday. 
Check out the New York Times for a look at a true Dartmouth original, distance runner/poet/filmmaker Alexi Pappas '12, who will run for Greece in the Summer Olympics.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

MVP At Home

You would think, with all the posts about the MVP in this electric precinct, that at some point the home page for the Mobile Virtual Player would have been posted. But no . . .


By the way, it didn't take the MVP folks long to get Mike Tomlin and the Steelers on the page ;-)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Catching Up With . . .

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From the Whatever Happened To department, former Dartmouth quarterback Brian Stretch was appointed U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California on March 30 of this year. From his bio on the U.S. Department of Justice page:
Between 1986 and 1988, Brian was a teacher and coach at St. Ignatius College Preparatory. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Georgetown University Law Center.
CLICK HERE to read his full bio, and CLICK HERE for a picture of Stretch, then acting U.S. Attorney, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Stretch was one of three brothers from San Francisco to play for the Big Green. Tim '88 was a wide receiver and Colin '91, was a defensive back.

Friday, May 20, 2016

MVP = More Valuable Press

The Mobile Virtual Player hit the practice field during a Pittsburgh Steelers minicamp. Said Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin of the remote-controlled tackling dummy developed at Dartmouth:
“It’s an awesome piece of football technology. I am always interested in ways to utilize technology in terms of teaching football. We are excited to get a close look at it.
“The applications we are quickly finding are endless. It never gets tired. It runs at an appropriate football speed. All of the position groups are getting an opportunity to use it.
CLICK HERE to read the story and watch the video.

How widespread has news of the MVP and Coach Buddy Teevens' non-tackling movement become? Check out a story from Australia's Sydney Morning Herald HERE.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The D Catches Up With Vernon Harris

The Dartmouth catches up with former Big Green corner Vernon Harris, who signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. Among other things, Harris shares his reaction to earning a contract, how Dartmouth prepared him for his bid at the NFL and his plans for finishing his education. (LINK)

The D also writes about head football coach Buddy Teevens testifying before congress along with Karen Kinzle Zegel, mother of onetime running back Patrick Risha '06, who tragically took his own life. (LINK)

Campus Insiders takes a look at the 2016 Patriot League, including Dartmouth opponent Holy Cross. While CI picks the Crusaders to finish fourth in the conference, it lists quarterback Peter Pujals and receiver Brendan Flaherty as the second- and third-best players in the league. (LINK)
An entity called SideBySideVideo offers short videos on YouTube and one purports to compare Harvard and Dartmouth as schools. It's not exactly nuanced but you can check it out HERE.
Find another update on the stadium construction going on across the state at the University of New Hampshire HERE. A late addition to the project is a 30x50 video board.
Just came across this with Jay Fiedler, former Dartmouth and NFL quarterback:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Getting A Shot

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