Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game Day

Don't know what it is doing down in the valley right now but the wind has been absolutely howling up here on the mountain this morning. The greater metropolitan Hanover forecast calls for showers at noon turning to light rain at 1 p.m. (80 percent chance). It will be light rain at 2 p.m. (100 percent chance). Winds will be from the southeast at about 10 mph and the temperature a relatively comfortable 50 degrees or so throughout the game.

Green Alert Take: I could be wrong but it seems to me that "100 percent" and "chance" don't play well with each other. If it's truly a 100 percent "chance," there's no "chance" in it at all. It is going to rain.

The local paper has two stories and a column today regarding Dartmouth and its football fortunes. One is posted to the web and it deals with the Big Green's difficulties recruiting quarterbacks.

The New Hampshire Football Report has a capsule on today's game, slated to kick off at 1:30 p.m.

Green Alert Take: I'm not quite sure the rationale for the move to 1:30 kickoffs this year. I've heard it said that it gives students more of a chance to recover from their, um, studying on Friday nights and get out to the game. I hope that wasn't the reason for the switch from 12:30 because, as they say in the south, "That dog don't hunt." I know when I have to travel to a Dartmouth game kicking off even one hour earlier makes my life a lot easier. It just seems that if a team is boarding a bus to drive all the way back to Philly, or Princeton or in today's case, New York City, getting back an hour earlier would be a good thing.

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