Saturday, March 19, 2011

3 FB Seniors With Rugby

In addition to wide receiver Tanner Scott, tight end Kevin Gallagher and offensive lineman John O'Sullivan are with the Dartmouth rugby team during its spring break playing tour in Barbados.

The Big Green is a member of the new College Division I Premier League, comprised of the nation's elite teams. The East Conference of the 31-team division features Dartmouth, Penn State, Ohio State, Army, Navy, Rutgers, Delaware and Kutztown. The Big Green will play its next division match one week from today at Penn State.

Dartmouth's powerhouse rugby club, by the way, won its fourth consecutive Ivy League championship last fall with a 31-0 win over Harvard.
The Dartmouth men's ice hockey team dropped a 3-0 decision to Cornell in the ECAC semifinals in Atlantic City last night. The Big Green, which has never won the ECAC's, will play Colgate this afternoon in the consolation game. While the loss to Cornell makes it a longshot, the Big Green will be trying to keep its slim NCAA hopes alive with a win over the Raiders. Dartmouth hasn't been to the NCAA Tournament since 1980.

The ECAC championship game will pit Cornell against Yale, a 4-0 winner over Colgate.
University of New Hampshire redshirt freshman receiver Todd Walker was shot and killed in the wee hours Friday when a masked assailant tried to steal his companion's purse in Boulder, Colo., not far from his hometown. (link)
Sweet story in the New York Times earlier this week about the Princeton basketball team being "Driven by Memories of Crunch," 11-year-old Christian Michael Regulski, who died five weeks ago. From the story:
Despite his failing health — Crunch was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, which caused him almost constant pain — Crunch attended all but one of Princeton’s home games sitting on the bench and the Tigers won every game.
And ...
After Crunch’s death, the Tigers left a space empty on the bench in their next two home games for Crunch with a shirt with his name draped over a chair. The entire team attended Crunch’s funeral. “It was one of the saddest days of my life,” (Coach Sydney) Johnson said.

(Senior Dan) Mavraides held up the blue Crunch pillow atop the ladder when the Tigers won their N.C.A.A. bid by beating Harvard in a playoff game last Saturday.
Thanks to a reader for the link to the story in the Times. Speaking of which, the NYT's decision to go to a paid-subscription model after viewing 20 stories a month will mean fewer mentions of stories from The Old Grey Lady. Changing times. Or should I say, changing Times?

Oh, and yesterday I found a link to a Rutland (Vt.) Herald story about former Dartmouth coach John Lyons speaking at a clinic in his new role as New Hampshire's defensive coordinator but that paper, too, recently adopted a pay-to-read protocol.
Former Dartmouth assistant Mike Maker's Williams' College men's basketball team dropped a 73-71 decision last evening in the first game of the Division III Final Four. Ironically, Williams NESCAC rival Middlebury also lost a two-point decision, falling to St. Thomas, 59-57, in the other national semi.
Dartmouth baseball won its third game in a row yesterday as Kyle Hendricks struck out 15 batters in seven innings of an 11-2 win over Army in Florida. That's the most K's for a Dartmouth pitcher since Pete Broberg fanned 20 in 1971. Broberg was drafted out of Dartmouth and went directly to the major leagues with the Washington Senators.
This is a little off the wall for the BGA blog but do check out the full moon tonight. It is closer than it has been in 18 years and will appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual. (link)
And finally, I'm relieved to report I now have my workhorse laptop back from the shop. The repair bill was hugely steep, but as Mrs. BGA and I agreed, the laptop is to this writer as his taxi is to a cab driver. (Kills me that they don't have analogies on the SAT anymore. Loved 'em.)

For as hard as it was to write the check for the repair, what are you going to do? (What I did was finally send out a few invoices I had been sitting on ;-)

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