Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Catching Up

Not a whole lot to report after the fact but there's a story in the Daily Dartmouth about O-line coach Keith Clark being named the Big Green's offensive coordinator. Clark told the school paper:
“I don’t think that we’re going to change (a lot). The idea of offensive football is to adapt your scheme to the talents you have and put the football in the hands of the most productive people.”
Sounds exactly like Clark, who has a nice way of telling it like it is.
The word I've heard, by the way, is that at least some of the players on the offensive side went to Floren Varsity House and petitioned for Clark to get the position. Doesn't surprise me even a little bit.
A much-welcomed update from a Dartmouth football parent on linebacker Miles Gay, who underwent surgery in Barcelona this week:
Miles is doing much better! She says that he is in good spirits and his breathing is much easier and much more comfortable! He remains in ICU but has much improved!
A blogger has a profile of former Dartmouth baseball standout (and jayvee quarterback ;-) Ed Lucas as he bids to make the Atlanta Braves roster as a utility infielder.

The blogger contacted a "Royals Prospects Guru" (whatever that is) who said:
“Ed Lucas, if he chooses, will have a future in baseball. It might not be as a player though. He has the type of mind that we could see running a ball club some day. He was an Ivy League graduate of Dartmouth University in 2004 with a Sociology degree. A popular player with his teammates and a solid minor league baseball player he has worked his way up the organizational ladder since the Royals took him in the 8th round of the 2004 draft.

He can play every position on the field except catcher and he has always been able to hit.”
Hard as it it to believe, the best-of-three series at Thompson Arena this weekend marks the first time Dartmouth has ever hosted a men's ice hockey playoff series against Harvard. (link) One game against Harvard is a party. Two or three games against the Crimson in as many days is Mardi Gras on the ice, or it would be if it weren't the start of finals.

Hey, wait a minute. Men's hockey against Harvard in the ECAC's, Women's hockey at Cornell in the NCAA's and skiing at the NCAA's in Stowe this weekend and one of the excuses for why football can't go to the playoffs or schedule an 11th game is because it might conflict with finals?

Green Alert Take: Is the Ivy League saying football players aren't as capable students as athletes in other sports?
One more from The D:
The Board of Trustees approved a 5.9-percent increase in tuition, room, board and fees for the 2011-2012 academic year, according to a College press release on Monday. With the increase, tuition, room, board and fees will total $55,365, making Dartmouth the most expensive of the seven Ivy League schools that have announced tuition costs for the 2011-2012 academic year.
This is just a guess but I'd say if you already cut out family vacations for the foreseeable future and have been hoping your early '80s car can make it at least a couple of more years the increase is probably a little scary.
And in case you are wondering, we still have about two feet of snow at the "snow stick" we have in our yard.

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