Friday, June 10, 2011


Here is a list of videos featuring 21 of Dartmouth's incoming freshmen.*

The videos are presented in no particular order and they aren't all highlight videos. Some are news reports or just quick clips. Also, for players who have several videos I've included just one for each.

Receiver Jordan Are'
Offensive lineman Scotty Whitmore
Defensive back Benny Niles
Receiver Ryan McManus
Receiver Bo Patterson
Tailback Cody Patch
Defensive back Steve Dazzo
Defensive back Andrew Donahue
Running back Marc Sasso
Linebacker Tyler Stout
Receiver Kirby Schoenthaler
Running back Ben Ticknor
Tight end Eric Wickham
Defensive back Chai Reece
Quarterback Cam Crage
Receiver Robbie Anthony
Tight end Garrett Schmidt
Offensive lineman AJ Dillione
Defensive tackle Keith Hamren
Kicker Riley Lyons
Running back Pedro Robinson

* Obviously, a quick search did not turn up videos for all of the players. Links to videos of players not included above will be posted if they are sent my way.

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