Friday, September 30, 2011

Hype? What Hype?

Dartmouth goes through a rain-soaked practice Thursday night. (Click to supersize)

You had to know the hype for Saturday night's game would cut both ways. In the Philadelphia Inquirer Penn offense tackle Greg Van Roten is quoted this way:
"It's like it's the game of the century up there. I heard it's really hyped up. They're saying this is the year for them to beat Penn. We feel a little disrespected, and we will play with a chip on our shoulders and with energy."

The Daily Pennsylvanian quotes Quaker defensive lineman Jared Sholly who thinks his team is well-prepared for the Dartmouth ground game:
“Every practice, we’ve been going up against three of the best running backs in the Ivy League: Brandon Colavita, Jeff Jack and Lyle Marsh. Those guys have prepared us well for guys like Schweiger. (sic)”

The local daily had a column today suggesting that rather than raising ticket prices for tomorrow night's game against Penn Dartmouth should have lowered them. It's an interesting take. If they put the story on the web later this morning I'll link to it.

Excuse me for a bit while I go off and grab links to the preview stories in the Daily Dartmouth about the biggest football game in Hanover – and arguably the biggest sports event at Dartmouth – in a long, long time.

OK, I'm back. Well at least The D had a column by senior corner Chad Hollis with tailgating tips. And there's a story about medical redshirts in the Ivy League that leads with baseball pitcher Cole Sulser but does include some thoughts from Timmy McManus.

The Dartmouth sports publicity office has a story with short highlight video about linebacker Luke Hussey being up the for Campbell Award as the best football scholar-athlete in the nation.

If message board back-and-forth is your thing, there's some conversation about the Dartmouth-Penn game here.

Dartmouth's players of the game last week against Sacred Heart:
  • Special Teams: Shawn Abuhoff
  • Offensive Line: Ryan O'Neill
  • Tight Ends/Quarterback: John Gallagher
  • Wide Receivers: Timmy McManus
  • Running Backs: Nick Schwieger
  • Defensive Backs: JB Andreassi
  • Defensive Line: John Golio
  • Linebackers: Michael Runger
  • Scout Team Offense: Patrick Hand
  • Scout Team Defense: Tyler Stout

Check Green Alert premium later today with this week's Fearful Forecast as well as a preview of Dartmouth-Penn.

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