Saturday, October 08, 2011

. . . And Counting

Ivy League play began in 1956 and Dartmouth won its first Ivy title in 1958. The 15-year drought since the 1996 championship is almost twice the length of the longest previous drought (eight years between 1982 and 1990) and three times the next-longest dry spell (1973-78).

Here's a list of titles won and the last title won by all eight Ivy League teams, courtesy of the Yale game notes:

17-Dartmouth (1996)
15-Penn (2010)
14-Yale (2006)
13-Harvard (2008)
9-Princeton (2006)
4-Brown (2008)
3-Cornell (1990)
1-Columbia (1961)

If you'd like to buy the video webcast of the Dartmouth-Yale game through Yale, click here. The cost for a single game is $8.95.

Yale coach Tom Williams on last week's game and this year's team.

Yale's Will McHale shares a few thoughts during Dartmouth week.

Now it's off to New Haven and the Yale Bowl for today's noon kickoff. Check BGA premium this evening for a game story. With a jayvee game on tap tomorrow, I'm driving back after finishing the main story and will post the sidebar late tonight.

Be sure to check BGA tomorrow for a follow story as well as a look at the junior varsity game against the Williams jayvees.

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