Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hanover's Finest

The original Pig & Wolf were decked out nicely for Dartmouth Homecoming last week. To learn more about the legend of two of Hanover's most famous citizens, click here. The sports editor of our local daily shows up at the 3:23 mark of the somewhat amusing second video on that page, Pig & Wolf Small Town Mystery.

You may have noticed the wonderfully painted Pig & Wolf sculptures around town this summer as part of the Hanover 250 celebration. They were sold at auction this fall and raised more than $40,000 for a playground by our Little League field and to fix up the ice rink behind the fire station in Etna. Find the story here.

Thanks to Mrs. BGA for spotting a story on the Dartmouth Now page about faculty advisors for athletic teams. There's a photo of Robbie Rodriguez, Clay Robbins and Justin Foley with economics professor Patricia Anderson.

The latest weather forecast calls for an 80 percent chance of rain at kickoff tonight with winds of 25 mph and the temperature to be 40 degrees but "feel like" 31. It's a shame what that and the threat of snow may do to the attendance.

This being a night game there will be a game story tonight on Green Alert premium. The sidebar will have to hold until tomorrow.

In case you are wondering, I took a motel room about 25 minutes from Harvard Stadium and I've got my fingers crossed the snow doesn't start until I'm safely back at the motel writing. As for getting back to the Upper Valley tomorrow, wish me luck. There could be a foot of the white stuff on the ground by the time I get home ... and like most of you who live in the north, I don't have my snows on yet. I've had to battle snow coming back home after covering basketball games at Harvard on a few occasions, but football? This is a first for me. . .

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