Monday, October 10, 2011

Looking Back At Yale

A Dartmouth contingent took advantage of the terrific tailgating setup at Yale with an impressive spread.

The beat writer for the Daily Dartmouth tells it like it was in New Haven:
If last week’s loss was a quick stab to the heart, then Yale University’s 30-0 demolition of Dartmouth (1-3, 0-2 Ivy) acted as a slow-acting poison, methodically draining the Big Green over three hours of misery.
The story also includes a quote from Shawn Abuhoff that confirms what a few emailers have suggested:
“The biggest problem was that we came out very flat. It was an anomaly, and it was an odd feeling to be a part of. It just seemed like we weren’t ready.”

From the game story in the Yale Daily News:
“Part of our game plan was to pound the ball and beat the defense physically,” center John Oppenheimer ’14 said. “We thought we could do that and just control the line.”

The New Haven Register game story and some pretty good Register game photos.

The Hartford Courant story includes this:
Even when the Big Green did something good, it turned out bad. They intercepted Witt near at the Dartmouth 42 in the second, but fumbled the return to the Elis at the Yale 47. In the third, a pass on a fake punt yielded a first down until Dartmouth coughed that one up, too.

A bit from The Sports Network in a story built around the concept of one surprise team in each conference:
Ivy League - Dartmouth at 1-3, including a 30-0 loss to Yale? This was supposed to be the Big Green's year to challenge for the league title. Not so.

Your weekly Sagarin ratings with last week's ratings:
115. Harvard (117)
149. Brown (162)
154. Yale (164)
186. Cornell (193)
190. Penn (189)
211. Dartmouth (209)
227. Princeton ( 227)
237. Columbia (234)

Non-League Opponents
148. Holy Cross (147)
180. Colgate (196)
224. Sacred Heart (228)

246 teams rated

The Roar Lions Roar Ivy League power poll this week:
1. Harvard
2. Brown
3. Yale
4. Penn
5. Cornell
6. Princeton
7. Dartmouth
8. Columbia

The Daily Dartmouth has a one-on-one with offensive lineman John Scheve.

The Yale Daily News has a lengthy profile of quarterback Patrick Witt that may raise a few eyebrows. Of his transfer from Nebraska he says:
“Being in a locker room where the mantra is ‘Cs get degrees,’ I was upset that all these guys would eventually carry the same degree I would. You can distinguish yourself to some degree with GPA, and I did, but it’s not the same.”

Dartmouth's Bowling Pin players of the week
Defensive back: Mike Banaciski
Linebacker: Bronson Green
Offensive line: Ryan O'Neill
Defense line: Mark Dwyer
Wide receiver: Bo Patterson
Running back: Nick Schwieger
Quarterback/tight end: Conner Kempe
Scout team offense: Jordan Are'
Scout team defense: Jeff Winthrop
Scout team special teams: Brendan Murray
Offensive line: Kyle Cook
Defensive line: Eddie Smith
Special teams: Foley Schmidt
Wide receiver: Kirby Schoenthaler
Running back: Nick Schwieger
Quarterback/tight end: John Gallagher
Linebacker: Luke Hussey
Scout team offense: Sean Ronan
Scout team defense: Jeff Winthrop

Tonight on Green Alert: The Optimist and The Pessimist.

Forgot to mention this earlier: The jayvee football team defeated the Williams jayvees yesterday, 21-14.

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