Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Quick Hits

The Daily Dartmouth has a story about tailback Nick Schwieger under the unfortunate headline: Schwieger ’12 sustains excellence on faltering football team. Schwieger tells the paper:
“The biggest thing with being a captain is that you have to show leadership on and off the field. You have to stay positive when times are tough and get on people when they need that.”

The Columbia Spectator has a capsule look at several of the university's fall teams and of football it has this to say:
It’s hard to imagine a team filled with talent that has improved each week would still be winless, but that’s Columbia football for you.

The venerable Dunkel Index ranking this week of Ivy League teams and Dartmouth opponents:
16. Harvard
34. Brown
69. Yale
72. Penn
74. Cornell
87. Dartmouth
107. Columbia
112. Princeton

50. Holy Cross
61. Colgate
84. Sacred Heart

A site called A site called RealTimeRPI sees the rest of the Dartmouth season this way:
  • Dartmouth 35, Columbia 6
  • Harvard 36, Dartmouth 12
  • Dartmouth 27, Cornell 13
  • Brown 31, Dartmouth 16
  • Dartmouth 32, Princeton 11
(Not sure if the site is supposed to be a simulation of the NCAA's Ratings Percentage Index but given the strange point totals it rather looks as if there's a math formula involved ;-)

Here's how RealTimeRPI sees the Ivy League and Dartmouth opponents. (With 246 teams ranked, Columbia folks won't like this one.)

113. Harvard
152. Brown
159. Yale
184. Penn
195. Cornell
215. Dartmouth
219. Princeton
244. Columbia

165. Holy Cross
167. Colgate
172. Sacred Heart

It's so small you can't see much but for Columbia's highlights against Penn click here.

Thanks to a regular reader for passing along information that if you want to listen to Dartmouth football, "There's an App for that." Find the 99 Rock app that works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad here.

And finally, a reader sent along a link to a pretty funny story in The Onion under the headline: Penn State Players All Worried They're Going To Be The One Who Accidentally Kills Joe Paterno. The story includes this:
"Every game, every quarter, every down, I’m terrified I might be the one who kills Joe Paterno," said junior wideout Curtis Drake, who now refuses to run sideline routes.
"It’s not just playing football, either. The tough part is all the little things, like staying 3 feet from him when he's talking so you don't use up all the oxygen in the air, and making sure he's not standing in your shadow, where he could get cold.”

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