Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Catch All

The Daily Dartmouth has a recap of Saturday's 21-16 victory over Brown.

Dartmouth's win over Brown gets a mention in the notes section at the end of a column on The Sports Network site.

Last week's had a story under the headline, Schwieger breaks marks, eyes NFL. Is that a possibility? Say what you will about they do a pretty good job of updating their pages and here's their page on Dartmouth's Nick Schwieger.

Yale quarterback Patrick Witt will play against Harvard instead of interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship Saturday. The Yale Daily News reports.

A 95-89 college football game? OK, it was triple-overtime, but c'mon. It was 75-75 at the end of regulation. Link

Your weekly Sagarin Ratings with last week's ratings in parentheses and Saturday's result:
124. Harvard (121) - beat Penn
142. Brown (123) - lost Dartmouth
182. Yale (181) - beat Princeton
195. Dartmouth (212) - beat Brown
197. Cornell (197) - beat Columbia
199. Penn (202) - lost Harvard
232. Princeton ( 234) - lost Yale
241. Columbia (242) - lost Cornell

Non-League Opponents
156. Holy Cross (156) - beat Lafayette
202. Colgate (205) - idle
226. Sacred Heart (226) - lost Duquesne

246 teams rated

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