Thursday, November 10, 2011

Schwieger Is Golden

The Boston Globe has a feature on Nick Schwieger, who broke the Dartmouth single-game rushing record for the second time last week with 257 yards against Cornell. For his big afternoon he has been awarded the Gold Helmet by the Gridiron Club of Great Boston and the New England Football Writers. It is the third Gold Helmet award of his career, emblematic of the top performance at the Division I level in New England.

Brown's game notes for Saturday have been posted and they include this stunner:
Brown’s defense held Yale to just seven rushing yards after the Elis had two different runners rush for over 200 yards in the previous two weeks.
And this impressive note . . .
Brown’s 28 seniors will be honored in ceremonies prior to Saturday’s final game against Dartmouth. Brown’s Class of 2012 has posted a 26-12 record so far during their four-year careers, with an 19-7 Ivy mark, four consecutive winning Ivy seasons, and an Ivy League title in 2008.

Dartmouth's game notes are available here.

If you aren't traveling, you can watch both the Dartmouth-Brown football game and the Dartmouth-Brown men's soccer game at 4 p.m. on your computer with an $8 single-day pass through Brown. Click here to learn more.

Dartmouth men's soccer will win the Ivy League title with a victory over Brown.

Craig Haley's picks for The Sports Network are in for this week's games and they look like this:
Brown over Dartmouth
Harvard over Penn
Yale over Princeton
Columbia over Cornell

A few excerpts from last week's Five Questions With Buddy Teevens. (I'll be asking him more of your questions after practice today, so click below if there's something you want me to ask.) . . .

The night game against Penn drew a large crowd even in the bad weather. What are the obstacles to playing at least two home night games per season?
That has my vote and I have expressed that to (athletic director) Harry Sheehy and the president. Probably earlier season games would be the most intelligent choices. ... I believe we are allowed (by town rules) to have five opportunities during the course of the year. So really, we could do every one of our games at home if we wanted. It is a little bit problematic for teams at a distance, just the travel time and getting back that late at night. And some people feel that it is an advantage to the home team because you get more people, it is a hostile crowd and that type of thing. But I think it is good for football, it is good for our players and so I am in favor. I would play more night games away and I certainly would play them at home.

One way you shook the program out of its funk the first time around was to change the helmet design. Are you entertaining any ideas of retiring the “Winged D” again, or do you want to keep it forever?
I think for the time being we will keep it, maintain the status quo. The last time I about got lynched. So I’m not going to mess with that at the present. It is unique. It was never one of my favorites years ago, but you grow to appreciate the tradition and the value the alums do place on it.

You have a new varsity house, turf field, lights, plans to replace the home stands. What else is on your wish list as far as facility improvements?
An indoor facility and a big screen, Jumbotron scoreboard. With the weather up here you never have to worry if you can go indoors. There is never rain, thunder, snow, cold. You can get in and do what you need to do. It certainly would benefit every athletic team, all the grass sports without question, but also the indoor sports that need a facility to work out in.

What are some of the most valuable things you learned working for Steve Spurrier?
His motivational style. He’s quieter than people know, but there is an intensity about him. Obviously he is a master of the pass game. Patience might have been one of the most important things I learned. He really was patient with his younger players.

If you have an appropriate question for me to ask Buddy Teevens for tonight's Green Alert (to be excerpted here next week), click here

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