Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Check It Out

Oh, the things you stumble across. Just discovered this new video report with linebacker Luke Hussey yesterday. A semifinalist this fall for the Campbell Trophy (link) for his success on the field and in the classroom, Hussey is a 3.94 summa cum laude engineering grad who is in the five-year program at Dartmouth.

A couple of former Dartmouth assistant coaches are in the news. As noted here yesterday, Joe Moglia has been named the new head football coach at Coastal Carolina. Find a story and video interview with him here.

From a story in the Sun News:
Moglia, the 62-year-old former CEO of TD Ameritrade who last held a paid college football coaching position in 1983 as defensive coordinator at Dartmouth, was engaging, candid and humorous while making a strong first impression as a coaching hire who is, to say the least, unusual.
For those who remember Moglia in Hanover before he went on to fame and fortune at TD Ameritrade, this is kind of fun from the same story:
Asked about his wealth, he said descriptions of him as a billionaire are a “gross exaggeration.” That said, Moglia acknowledged his financial wherewithal and said if he “needed to get the right assistant in here, I will not hesitate reallocating my own money to take care of one of my assistants.”

Asked if he planned to donate any money to the university, he said not initially because he doesn’t want to lend the perception that he is “buying a job.”

But, he added, “After I leave here, after I do step down or after this comes to an end, I think I’ve always done a pretty good job of taking care of institutions that I care about. I’d be crushed if at some point I left this institution and I didn’t have that feeling."

Moglia, by the way, remained a Friend of Dartmouth Football all these years.

The News Journal in Florida has a story about former Dartmouth offensive coordinator and more recently Princeton head coach Roger Hughes, who is on the recruiting trail as the head coach charged with starting up a football program at Stetson. From the story:
To say academics will be emphasized at Stetson would be an understatement. Hughes' coaching background -- 10 years as head coach at Princeton and another eight as assistant coach and offensive coordinator at Dartmouth -- speaks volumes about how Stetson plans to operate its football program in an Ivy League manner.

And finally, That Certain Hanover High Senior learned last week he was admitted early action to his mom's alma mater and would like nothing more for Christmas than to get the same news from his old man's alma mater. No word yet so keep your fingers crossed.

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