Thursday, December 22, 2011

More On Yale

The New York Times expanded on its coverage of Tom Williams' resignation at Yale in this story. The full New Haven Register story is here.

There aren't many college coaching openings remaining. Changes and openings are listed here.

Trying to dig out the Fox College Sports TV schedule is frustrating, so consider yourself warned, but if you poke around you may find the Dartmouth-Penn football nailbiter showing on Dec. 26 (at midnight eastern?) and the snow-bowl game against Harvard on Dec. 28 (at 9 p.m. eastern?) Thanks to a subscriber for sharing the information on when those games will be carried on Fox Sports South Atlantic and best of luck digging up when they are showing in your neck of the woods.

Take a photo tour of Dartmouth's athletic facilities. They need to sub in an updated photo of Scully-Fahey Field showing the FieldTurf and the Astroturf field hockey field is missing, but it's a pretty good look at what the college offers. The pictures of the rugby clubhouse and lodge at the Skiway are keepers. Surprisingly, there's nothing of Hanover Country Club.

The blog was a little late today because I had to hustle down to the dump first thing this morning. For those of you who don't know, the dump is in West Lebanon, down past the plazas. The last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic down there at this time of year with stinky trash barrels in the back of the car, hence I was loading up and heading out when normally I'm at the keyboard. Ah, the joys of life off the beaten path ;-)

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