Thursday, December 29, 2011

Take A Look

From having looked at a lot of colleges and having a lot of college tours in the past three years, I can tell you Dartmouth is a little behind in terms of 360-degree "panoramic tours" technology.

Still, you'll have fun checking out a slide show of Dartmouth athletic facilities.

While they need to update the Sculley-Fahey picture to show the FieldTurf and certainly want to get a picture of the astonishing new basketball offices into the slide show, there's a lot to like. The lodge at the Skiway, the rugby clubhouse and the baseball field are showstoppers. And let me know if you recognize who is running on the track in the picture from Leverone Field House ;-)

To see the kind of thing you can do with a 360-degree tour, check out the Bates College site. There's another one on the University of New Haven site.

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