Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check It Out

This video is really well done. Some great field-level shots will give you a new appreciation for graduating tailback Nick Schwieger. He's got a lot more "shake" than people realize. Be sure to check out his TD run against Columbia at the 3:30 mark.

Oh, and the music selection actually enhances the piece, a rare thing to say in this day and age. ;-)

A two-way tackle from Lebron James' alma mater had "offers" from Air Force and Dartmouth as well as interest from Penn before choosing . . . Harvard. Cleveland.com reports.

Still in play is a linebacker from Lake Oswego, Ore., whose father played two years with the Dallas Cowboys. Kind of bizarre that in this recruiting report the writer says Zach Wallen told him about an invitation to be a preferred walk-on at Boise State while he was on a Dartmouth visit.

A player Dartmouth faced this year caught a touchdown pass in the Casino Del Sol college all-star game in Tucson last night on a team with players from Oklahoma, Tennessee, Michigan, Penn State, West Virginia, Virginia Tech and others. Sacred Heart's Rich Rossi grabbed a 16-yard-scoring pass in the fourth quarter. Find a story about Rossi being selected for the game here and the game story that mentions him here.

Speaking of Sacred Heart, did you know the Pioneers had a player in the NFL this year? I didn't either. Jon Corto is a safety for the Buffalo Bills.

On his second-edition Columbia football blog, Jake Novak calls last fall's 37-0 Columbia loss at Dartmouth the worst rout in former coach Norries Wilson's six years with the Lions. Wilson was let go after compiling a 17-43 record.

Stumbled across an interesting Q&A with the son of Rudy LaRusso, the former Dartmouth basketball great who went on to have a long and distinguished NBA career.

Final exam week for That Certain Hanover High Senior. With breaks only for sleeping, eating and a little sanity-reinforcing pond hockey, he's been studying since Friday and still worries that he hasn't done enough. Don't tell him, but I never studied as much for college exams as he has for high school. Good for him.

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