Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking Back At Brown

For all the talk about how last year was last year and this year is this year, Brown's loss to Dartmouth was on the minds of players and coaches after the Bears' 28-24 win. Here's what quarterback Patrick Donnelly told the Brown Daily Herald after the game:
“To the seniors, this win means everything. It really does. It’s the chance to right what we did wrong last year.”
There's also a game story in The Dartmouth.
With the finale at Princeton next on the horizon for the Big Green, several notes from Princeton Football, the well-done blog by journalist Jay Greenberg:

. . . (Princeton) quarterback after Connor Michelsen was hit on his throwing shoulder on the first play of the fourth quarter, never to return.

Later in the post:
There was no immediate obvious structural tear diagnosed with Michelsen’s shoulder but it is his throwing one, and it was far too early to ascertain his availability for Dartmouth.

Regarding Yale tailback Mordecai Cargill's option pass that was returned 100 yards by Princeton defensive back Trocon Davis, who refused to bite on Cargill's fake run, Greenberg writes:
Among the first things any Princeton man is told is to never to trust anybody from Yale.
Now that's funny ;-)
Interesting point about the Ivy League standings in a blurb posted by The Sports Network:
Oddly, Penn sits alone in first place and its only league loss is to last-place Yale, which hasn't beaten any other league team. 
This week's Sagarin Ratings with last week's ratings in parentheses:

117 (107) - Harvard
159 (164) - Princeton
182 (185) - Brown
194 (207) - Penn
199 (199) - Dartmouth
206 (193) - Cornell
231 (234) - Columbia
235 (235) - Yale

218 (218) - Butler
215 (221) - Holy Cross
229 (223) - Sacred Heart
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