Wednesday, January 09, 2013

FB Safety In The Ivy League has a story under the headline, Ivy League becomes college football's model for player safety.

The author writes:
The Ivy League is being studied across college football ever since the conference created practice standards far exceeding the NCAA limits.
Robin Harris, executive director of the Ivy League is quoted saying:
"For our presidents, it really became a situation two falls ago where we had enough information to know brain trauma was a problem. If you wait around for the perfect data, you may never take action. Will this be all of the data? Probably not. But at least we've done something to improve the welfare of student-athletes."
I had to laugh at this comment from a reader:
If you want to be a REAL model for player safety, eliminate all contact and make 'em play Madden. Wonder what effect on attendance/viewership that move would have? 
Looking ahead to Notre Dame's appearance in last Monday's national championship game, our local daily had a lengthy story about Dartmouth's games against Notre Dame in 1944 and '45. The first was played at Fenway Park, the second in South Bend. The writer managed to track down a fellow who played in those games, the first when he was still 16.
Caught the Dartmouth men's basketball team's impressive win over Army last night at Leede Arena. The Big Green begins Ivy League play Saturday afternoon when Harvard comes to down.