Monday, January 21, 2013

Playing For Pizza

Sitting on the names of several kids who are said to have committed to Dartmouth as I try to get confirmations.
Still digging on this one but corner/return specialist Shawn Abuhoff '12 has landed with the Milan Seamen in the Italian Football League. The season begins in March. Check out this link that includes four pictures and his complete Dartmouth statistics. Here's a Google translation of part of the page:
Shawn has played Dartmounth college that participates in the IVY League Division 1 of the NCAA, and record holder in interceptions and Punt return is a versatile player that can also be used on offense as a receiver, a real top athlete 1 and 82 to 90 pounds, runs 4.5 seconds 40-yard dash, but it is above all a leader, captain of the team, starter for all four years in the dual role, never injured will be one of the strengths of the 2013 season of Seamen. . .  
Green Alert Take: Having read blogs by Ivy League players who have gone to Europe as well as John Grisham's fictional account Playing for Pizza, it always amazes me that more players don't enjoy that one last season overseas. The last Dartmouth player to go to Europe was defensive back Peter Pidermann '10 who played in Germany. (link)
Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens likes to sell the familiar line that "It's different at Dartmouth." That being the case, it's not at all unusual for him to offer prospective players the chance to snowshoe, sled at Hanover Country Club or skate on Occom Pond during their recruiting visit. With the weather unseasonably warm, the last hasn't been possible but that's about to change – and in a big way. Check out the chilly forecast here.
The Cornell Sun has a lengthy look at new head football coach David Archer that begins this way:
Seven years ago, David Archer ’05 crouched on the Red offensive line, protecting his quarterback alongside Super Bowl Champion Kevin Boothe ’05. This year, he will stand proudly on the sidelines as the 27th head coach of Cornell football, protecting the Red’s hopes of its first Ivy League title in over 20 years.
Last week Dartmouth's Abbey D'Agostino ran the fastest mile in the world so far this year. Showing her versatility, the former NCAA champion this weekend broke the Big Green 1,000-meter record by almost four seconds as Dartmouth defeated Yale and Columbia down in New Haven. (link)