Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The List So Far

OK, here's what we've discovered so far in the recruiting class – and here's what you need to know:
• The Early Decision list is, as it says, official. But the heights and weights are not official. They are drawn from the internet and those sources can vary widely. Feel free to share corrections.
• The Regular Decision list is, with the exception of an email or two, drawn entirely from the internet. Given that it's not an official list, caveat emptor. No guarantees that these kids are coming.
• Heights and weights on the regular list are from the internet. (See above.) Positions are speculative.
• High schools are listed for the RD kids because it's not clear in many cases what the hometowns are.
• Feel free to point out typos. You are my best prufreeder ;-)
• There should be another 10 or so names out there.
• Ivy League coaches are not allowed to talk about the regular decision recruits until their deposits have been received in the spring. BUT, the student-athletes, their families, coaches and friends can, so keep those emails coming with names and corrections. ;-)
• Signing Day is Feb. 6 but because the Ivy League does not recognize the National Letter of Intent, whatever "ceremony" takes place regarding Ivy recruits is for show only. That said, there will be a lot of newspaper and internet stories that day and in the days to follow.
• If you see something I missed, send it along. Please!
 And finally, guys, be careful with those Twitter accounts. I've seen some pretty nasty stuff, not necessarily from anyone listed below, but it's out there and people who are going to make judgments about you are reading it.

And now, without further ado . . .

Confirmed Early Decision (Official)
 • Lucas Bavaro, 6-1, 195 safety, St. John's Prep, Danvers, Mass.
 • Jonathan Dibiaso, 6-1, 195 quarterback, Phillips Exeter/Everett, Mass.
 • Alex Gakenheimer, 6-1, 180 kicker, Charlotte Country Day, Charlotte, N.C.
 • Ben Kepley, 6-2, 175 punter, Charlotte Country Day, Charlotte, N.C.
 • Danny McManus, 5-9, 175 defensive back/athlete, St. Thomas Academy, Mendota, Minn.
 • David Morrison, 6-3, 270 offensive lineman, Shaker HS, N.Y.
 • Graydon Peterson, 6-1, 225 long snapper, Whitefish Bay HS, Wis.
 • Zach Shank, 6-5, 235 defensive end, Olentangy Liberty HS, Ohio
 • Jacob Siwicki, 6-0, 220 tailback, Northfield Mount Hermon, Mass.
Accepted Early and expressing interest in walking on
 • Chris Aguemon, 5-9, 175 defensive back, Heritage HS, Va.
 • Cannon Wille, linebacker, St. Mary's HS, Colo.
Regular Decision (Unofficial)
 • Houston Brown 6-2, 175 WR, The Woodlands HS, Texas
 • Brandon Cooper, 6-2, 260 DE, South Grand Prairie HS, Texas
 • Zach Davis, 6-5, 290 offensive line, Lake Havasu HS, Ariz.
 • Brian Fordon, 6-2, 215 linebacker, Providence Catholic HS, Ill.
 • Jack Friedman, 6-3, 285 defensive line, Howard HS, Md
 • Mike Langman, 6-5, 275 OL, Naperville North HS, Ill.
 • Charlie Miller, 6-1, 180 WR, Totino Grace HS, Minn.
 • Folarin Orimolade, 6-0, 218 LB, Blake HS, Md
 • Chris Warren, WR, The Woodlands, Texas
 • Michael Warren, 6-5, 279 DT, Providence Academy, Minn.