Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Schedule Musings

A few assorted 2013 Ivy League football scheduling notes . . . Dartmouth has six home games . . . Princeton has six road games including three in a row at Hampton, at Brown and at Harvard . . . Cornell plays three of its first four games at home and three of the final four on the road . . . Bucknell, Colgate, Lafayette, Lehigh, Monmouth and Fordham each show up on two schedules . . .  Yale's trip to Cal Poly wins the long-distance award (UPDATE: Alert eyes suggested that Harvard-San Diego is shorter than Yale-San Luis Obispo and it is – by 42 miles ;-) . . . Dartmouth will travel 917 miles to play Butler . . . Princeton's trip to Hampton is almost exactly the same distance that the Tigers will travel to play Dartmouth.

Sept. 21 at Fordham
Sept. 28  Monmouth
Oct. 5 at Princeton
Oct. 12 Lehigh
Oct. 19 Penn
Oct. 26 at Dartmouth
Nov. 2 at Yale
Nov. 9 Harvard
Nov. 16 at Cornell
Nov. 22 Brown

Sept. 21 Bucknell
Sept. 28 at Yale
Oct. 5 Colgate
Oct. 12 Harvard
Oct. 19 at Monmouth
Oct. 26 Brown
Nov. 2 at Princeton
Nov. 9 at Dartmouth
Nov. 16 Columbia
Nov. 22 at Penn

Sept. 21 at Butler
Sept. 28 Holy Cross 
Oct. 5 at Penn
Oct. 12 Yale
Oct. 19 Bucknell
Oct. 26 Columbia
Nov. 2 at Harvard
Nov. 9 Cornell
Nov. 16 at Brown
Nov. 22 Princeton

Sept. 21 at San Diego
Sept. 28 Brown
Oct. 5 at Holy Cross 
Oct. 12 at Cornell
Oct. 19 Lafayette
Oct. 26 Princeton
Nov. 2 Dartmouth
Nov. 9 at Columbia
Nov. 16 Penn
Nov. 22 at Yale

Sept. 21 Lafayette
Sept. 28 at Villanova
Oct. 5 Dartmouth
Oct. 12 at William & Mary
Oct. 19 at Columbia
Oct. 26 Yale
Nov. 2 at Brown
Nov. 9 Princeton
Nov. 16 at Harvard
Nov. 22 Cornell

Sept. 21 Lehigh
Sept. 28 at Georgetown
Oct. 5 Columbia
Oct. 12 at Hampton
Oct. 19 at Brown
Oct. 26 at Harvard
Nov. 2 Cornell
Nov. 9 at Penn
Nov. 16 Yale
Nov. 22 at Dartmouth

Sept. 21 at Colgate
Sept. 28 Cornell
Oct. 5 at Cal Poly
Oct. 12 at Dartmouth
Oct. 19 Fordham
Oct. 26 at Penn
Nov. 2 Columbia
Nov. 9 Brown
Nov. 16 at Princeton
Nov. 22 Harvard
Bloomberg News had a story spun out of last week's Ivy Football Association dinner in New York City. From the story:
“It’s quite an amazing thing that happens when people kind of bang heads for a number of years but also have brains,” said Michael O’Flynn ('91), who played defensive end at Dartmouth, where former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson also played. “It teaches you to get up after being knocked down. It teaches you to do things you never dreamed of doing.”
Speaking of the IFA dinner, you can find a video slide show of Ellis Rowe's '74 pictures from the event here.
As a former sports editor of a Pennsylvania daily newspaper I found a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer headlined Pennsylvania high school football no longer a prime producer of top college recruits interesting but not particularly surprising.