Wednesday, May 15, 2013

(Big) Green Light For Board

Tacked onto the end of a story in this morning's local daily under the headline Hanover Approves Tax Rise:
The amendments that passed included one proposed by Dartmouth College to allow animation on athletic scoreboard. The college is hoping to build a new scoreboard on the football field that will allow an animatronic screen to show playbacks and game highlights.
In other words, the video scoreboard for Memorial Field appears to have gotten the go-ahead.
From a story in The Dartmouth under the headline Athletes experience different sides of Dartmouth in off-season:
Soccer player Paige Dekker ’13 and football player Rob Bathe ’13 finished their athletic careers in the fall. In their last two terms, both found valuable ways to spend their time. . . . 
Bathe opted to join the rugby team after he finished his career as an offensive lineman for the Big Green. 
“Whether it was the human dogsled race during the winter games, or barbecuing at Lake Mascoma, or getting to the Ledges more, I’ve been trying to use my time to do all these things that are completely unique to Dartmouth and New Hampshire,” he said.
Bathe was joined on the rugby team this spring by graduating linebacker Garrett Wymore.
A story about the incoming freshman class at Penn (with bios) notes that 18 of the last 20 recruiting classes brought in by coach Al Bagnoli have graduated with an Ivy League championship ring. Also notable in the story, 15 of the 34 incoming freshmen are enrolled at Wharton. Oh yeah. And one of the incoming players is a heavily bearded Austrian named Felix Simon Bernhard Herman Schildorfer from Lake Forest Academy. From the Lake Forester:
“When I went to English class (this year), the teacher told me that the other teachers had already told her that she was going to have a guy with a huge beard,” Schildorfer said. “So at this school, I’m more famous for the beard than anything else.” 
When you’re 6-foot-4, weigh 250 pounds and field recruiting calls from the SEC, ACC and Big Ten, that’s saying something. 
“I don’t know if he even shampoos it,” teammate Mark-Eric Rosenquist said of Schildorfer’s unruly facial hair. “Everyone refers to him as the guy with the beard.”
The Kansas City Star is the latest and surely not the last to do a story built around a smart Ivy League gentleman trying to prove he can play football with the big boys. From the piece about Chiefs' seventh-round draft pick Mike Catapano of Princeton:
“Everybody always says, ‘Hey, at least you’re bringing up the team GPA,’ ” Catapano said. “but I came here to play. I’m proud to represent the Ivy League. The Ivy League is smart guys that like to play football, and that’s what I’m here to show — that we can play the game just as (well) as everybody else.”
From an Express-Times story down in the Lehigh Valley:
Most Patriot League teams play two or three games against Ivy League teams, a relationship (Patriot League commissioner Carolyn) Schlie Femovich said she expects to continue despite the Patriot League adding scholarships. 
And speaking of scholarships, the commissioner expects more teams to schedule FBS teams in the future, lucrative if not, generally, competitive games. And she said league members Army and Navy, who play FBS football but are not as physically overwhelming as, say, Alabama, will be popping up on Patriot League schedules soon.
Translation: Patriot League teams don't plan on leaving Ivy League teams behind . . . while they are leaving them behind ;-)
Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens' push to limit tackling in practice comes under continued scrutiny including on occasion right here. But he's hardly alone. Penn State coach Bill O'Brien quoted on the Coaching Search site:
"We're looking at different situational type of practices during training camp.  Less hitting in training camp, more walk-throughs and more conditioning.  We want to be a very well-conditioned team.  We want to try to play fast and really there's nothing more important than the health of our team."
The saying in these parts is that black flies arrive on Mother's Day and depart on Father's Day. Turns out they are pretty good at reading the calendar because they are here in force. Mother Nature herself, on the other hand, seems to be having a little trouble with the calendar this, ahem, spring. Temperatures dipped into the 20s overnight and there were predictions of snow flurries in some higher locales. Fortunately this wasn't one of them ;-)
And finally, congrats to The Certain BGA Sister who was one of five finalists for the Teacher of the Year in the Dallas public school system. Although she didn't win the title at last night's awards dinner, she did come away with a very nice, well-deserved consolation prize!