Friday, July 19, 2013

Counting Down The Days

The Ivy League is in the midst of conducting its media poll predicting how the 2013 football race will go. The results will be released when the conference holds its annual coaching teleconference on Aug. 6.
Speaking of the 2013 season, have you been following Dartmouth's 100 Days Kickoff Countdown? There are 64 days until the opener against Butler – which means there were 65 days left yesterday. (No flies on me, huh?) Click here for the picture and note that made up yesterday's countdown item.
You could almost hear a snicker from the emailer who sent along this quote from the Stadium Journey review of Dartmouth's football facility:
Memorial Field is an old stadium, and while the lack of modern amenities (seat-backs, drinkholders, etc.) creates a fairly basic gameday experience, the facility is well-maintained and not in need of replacement in the near future.
Reviewer Jonathan Gault, a spring Dartmouth alum, is being kind. Without question Memorial Field was upgraded when it was downsized and FieldTurf was installed, but there's a reason why the home grandstand was days away from demolition and replacement before the economy went belly up.

Keep your eyes peeled for a significant improvement to the facility at some point this fall. That's all you are going to get out of me for now ;-)
Dartmouth safety and tri-captain Garrett Waggoner's appearance on the Phil Steele preseason All-Ivy first team gets a mention in the Herald Tribune down in Florida.
If you have watched a football game on TV in recent years without the yellow first-down line you might have felt lost. SI has a terrific story about the development of the line we can't live without, and an explanation of the technology that makes it work.
Thanks to BGA's West Coast bureau chief for sharing a riveting story from ESPN under the headline:
Four recruits, 16 months, one goal 
A look at the college football recruiting process through the eyes of prospects