Wednesday, February 05, 2014

That's All Folks . . . For Tonight

My back is aching, my neck is stiff, I'm blurry-eyed and that carpal tunnel thing is whispering to me. That can mean just one thing -- I'm calling it a night after a really long day at the keyboard. Can someone please tell me why I do this? Oh yeah, it's a "loss leader" for BGA Premium.

Thanks to the folks who emailed stuff along. Apologies to the Twitter accounts that I raided for photos. Honestly, my intentions were honorable ;-)

There's one more Northeast recruit that I still haven't been able to confirm but his school was off because of snow today, so maybe tomorrow. I was surprised to see another recruit I thought was coming this way end up choosing another Ivy. Win some, lose some.

I'll post what I get Thursday but I won't be on standby all day, and I won't be digging the way I was today because I've got stuff to do that actually helps pay those two college tuitions. There will be a *lot* of links out there tomorrow and if you send them along, I'll post them here.