Thursday, February 06, 2014

This Is A Guess, OK?

After yesterday we have a pretty good idea of most of the "who" in this year's Dartmouth recruiting class. Much less apparent is the "what," as in, "What positions are they going to play?"

Keep in mind that most of these players went both ways in high school and were pretty good on both sides of the ball. In fact, even they might not be entirely sure where they will line up when camp opens in late August.

The final word will have to wait until spring when the class is officially announced. That being said, here's a guess based on what the links we've been following have suggested, and on positions of need. Keep in mind, this is an educated guess and nothing more.

I invite and fully expect emails from around the country correcting my assumptions, and will update anticipated positions as word comes in.

That out of the way, here's one way of looking at the incoming class:

Jarion Brown - Franklin La.
Jack Heneghan - Atherton, Calif.*

Running Back
Ryder Stone - Okotoks, Alberta
Forrest Town -  Zachary, La.
Nick White - Mill Creek, Wash.

Wide Receiver
Charles Mack- Dumfries, Va.

Tight End
Ben Hagaman - Franklin, Tenn.
Stephen Johnston - North Bethesda, Md.
Cam Poole - Buford, Ga.
Cameron Skaff - Haymarket, Va.

Offensive Line
Tanner Aiono - San Diego, Calif.#
Anders Peterson - Leesburg, Va.
Andrew Yohe - Leechburg, Pa*

Defensive Line
Brennan Cascarano - Glenview, Ill.
Charlie Pontarelli - Wilmette, Ill.*
Davaron Stockman - Reserve, La.
Nick Tomkins - Aberdeen Twp, N.J.*

Defensive End
Rocco Di Leo - Elmhurst, Ill.
Justin Edwards - Suwanee, Ga.

Brock Bacon - Addison, Texas
Ian Hanselman - Manheim, Pa.
Eric Meile - Ramsey, N.J.*

Defensive Back
Colin Boit, - Samammish, Wash.
Porter Ontko - Lisle, Ill.
Ross Wood - Norcross, Ga.

Jarius Brown - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Emory Thompson - Lexington, Kent.*

Wyatt Schmidt -  Inver Grove Heights, Minn.*
David Smith - Montreal, Quebec*

* -- confirmed early decision
# -- Class of '20

Editor's Note: I did tell you these were guesses, right?

Recruiting news in the Ivy League, obviously, is hit-and-miss, and never more so than on Signing Day, which of course doesn't exist in the Ivies. There is some information out there regarding a couple of schools, however.

The New Haven Register has a list of Yale recruits. The writer doesn't include links to recruiting sites or local announcements of the commitments, but it seems the information is pretty solid.

The Roar Lions 2014 blog has compiled an unofficial list of Columbia recruits. Links were included as he uncovered each name so the sense is the list is pretty good.

There are message board postings with unattributed commitments from each of the other schools as well. Your mileage on message board chatter may vary.
The Patriot League, which often recruits the same high schools as the Ivies and sometimes goes head to head with the Ancient Eight, is in its second year of offering football scholarships. Here are the classes the Ivy League's cousin announced yesterday (sans Georgetown, which did not reveal its class):

Holy Cross