Monday, March 17, 2014

Greetings From Florida

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Stealing a little warm-weather time before the start of spring football, Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens was at his retreat in Florida over the weekend and welcomed the Big Green women's lacrosse team for a visit. Standing alongside Teevens in the back row is longtime coach Amy Patton, whose team will face No. 4 Florida tomorrow tomorrow night in Gainesville.
This is pretty funny stuff. Penn State wide receivers coach Josh Gattis, who played in the NFL after graduating from Wake Forest, told his fellow coaches he could still run a sub-4.8 40 without even stretching . . . and the staff decided to take him up on it. There are some humorous comments by former Cornell quarterback Ricky Rahne, the Nittany Lion quarterback coach, and particularly Bob Shoop, the former Yale standout and Columbia head coach, who is the PSU defensive coordinator. He shows his sense of humor particularly in the final scene.

Curious what happened? Watch the video.

By the way, what sent me scurrying to watch the video was this teaser headline from a link on Football Scoop: "How fast would your WRs coach run the 40?"

I have absolutely no doubt that most Dartmouth football players who read this will look at that headline and wonder about their wide receivers coach, who ran routes in the NFL as well. One or two might actually try to tease coach Cortez Hankton into giving it a go. Good luck with that ;-)
For those of you who think an Ivy League basketball conference tournament wouldn't draw much interest, consider this. Talking with That Certain '14, she told me over the weekend that she was absolutely riveted to the broadcast of the Albany-Stony Brook America East championship game before a packed house. She couldn't have named a play on either team but said she couldn't turn away from the dramatic winner-take-all showdown for a ticket to March Madness.

Ivy League basketball teams? Just watching.