Thursday, March 06, 2014

McManii (Or McManiIV?)

First there was T-Mac. Then R-Mac. Then D-Mac. Now add B-Mac to the list :-)

That's right. There's another talented McManus headed to Hanover. Running sprints for Dartmouth next year will be Beaner McManus, the fourth Minnesota sibling to wear a Big Green uniform. The talented runner's track and field stats can be found here. (In case you were wondering, her given name is Colleen, but good luck finding anyone who calls her that . . . )

Three of the McManii will be at Dartmouth in the fall.

Ryan, who will be a senior, was a member of the All-Ivy League honorable mention team as a sophomore before losing much of last year to injury.

Danny, who will be a sophomore, plays corner and also returns punts.

Timmy '11, able to play in the 2011 season because of an injury that cost him one year, was a three-time Dartmouth captain and first-team All-Ivy receiver. While the rest of the family is flying to New Hampshire to watch this one or that in action, Timmy will be busy with medical school.
Speaking of track, ESPN has a lengthy story about Dartmouth's Abbey D'Agostino, who just wrapped up her second Most Outstanding Performer showing at the indoor Heps. She will be defending her 3,000 and 5,000 national championships at the indoor NCAA's in Albuquerque on March 14-15. From the story:
(Dartmouth coach Mark) Coogan believes she could walk away from her college career with seven or eight NCAA championships. "That's a pretty good accomplishment for someone from an Ivy League school," he said, laughing.
The ESPN story summarizes her accomplishments so far (and this is but a fraction of them):
10-time All-America in cross country and track; first Ivy League runner (man or woman) to win an NCAA cross country title; National Cross Country Athlete of the Year for 2013; and the first American woman to win both the indoor 3,000- and 5,000-meter championships.
(Find all of Abbey's accomplishments here.)
Brad Parks '96, who some may remember as the founder of late and lamented The Sports Weekly, has released the fifth in his series of Carter Ross mysteries titled, The Player.

The Sports Weekly was an independent newspaper that for a stretch was printed on the press at the local daily. I'm here to tell you that picking up early copies while I was the Dartmouth beat writer for the local daily was a little nerve racking because Brad was a solid, enterprising reporter. It wasn't fun as a professional writer to get "scooped" by a kid and have my editor ask why I didn't have a story. Not that Brad didn't have a little advantage, being a classmate of the athletes he wrote about ;-)

While The Sports Weekly was eventually rolled into The Dartmouth, only the name remains.

Brad wasn't quite as funny as Carter Ross, but he followed a similar career path, working as an investigative reporter on the mean streets of Newark, N.J., because becoming a novelist.

The Carter Ross mysteries aren't Hemingway or Faulkner (what is?) but they are fun reads, and I don't say that just to sell books for an old friend. Check them out on that giant Internet bookseller.