Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Penn AD Has Dartmouth Connections

The new athletic director at Penn will be Grace Calhoun, who served as an administrator in the Dartmouth athletic department while husband Jason was both the coach of the Big Green men's golf team and head pro at Hanover Country Club for three years. From the Loyola website:
From 2002-2005, Calhoun served as an associate athletics director at Dartmouth College where she oversaw compliance, governance, academic support and student development initiatives and coordinated major projects.
A Brown graduate with a Ph.D. from the University of Florida, Calhoun most recently served as athletic director at Loyola of Chicago where Jason Calhoun coached the women's golf team. She also served as associate executive director of the Patriot League from 1998 until 2002.

Read the Penn release here and the Daily Pennsylvanian story here. There's also a DP column here and a transcription of her entire introductory press conference on the DP blog.

A scan of the Ivy League basketball messageboard revealed the usual sniping about Calhoun's hiring along with this, which will make some people in Hanover grimace:
I didn't bother looking at her Dartmouth years since Dartmouth is Dartmouth, but here are the men's basketball records for her years in Indiana & Loyola . . .
A Dartmouth sophomore rues the lack of fan support for Big Green teams in an opinion piece in today's  issue of The Dartmouth. He writes:
Over break someone asked me, “If you could change one thing about Dartmouth, what would that be?” I thought about the various possibilities: get rid of x-hours, put air conditioning in the dorms, renovate West Gym, et cetera. But ultimately, I realized that if I could change one thing, I would want to improve the lackluster student sections at sporting events. In my opinion (this is an opinion piece after all), support at sporting events, especially at games against other Ivy League schools, indicates school spirit, and whenever I sat in the silent, practically empty stands at basketball games this winter, I was thoroughly unimpressed. 
And this . . .
Just because we are not in the Big Ten or the Big East does not mean that we also can’t have large groups of students packing the gym, wearing body paint, making posters and heckling other teams’ players. Yes, this is a time commitment, but it is a fun one. Game day could be a big deal here, too. Tailgating and sports games could replace — or complement — a night out at the frats. We could have just as much, if not more, fun as a unified fan section than we might have on a Friday night on Webster Avenue. Packing the stands would still be something new and different, especially for those less involved in Greek life.
A hike through the snow to the top of Moose Mountain yesterday provided both a nice view at the top and a surprise at Dartmouth's cabin in the woods near the bottom of the trail.

The view from South Peak of Moose Mountain yesterday. (Click to enlarge)
How much snow is left on the mountain? In the photo at left
only the lid of the full-sized trash can used for ashes at Dartmouth's
Class of '66 cabin is visible. At right, a close-up of the can.