Saturday, March 22, 2014

News, Notes And Nits

Ball State head coach and former Dartmouth assistant Pete Lembo is a hot commodity in the coaching world and the Muncie, Ind., school is doing what it can to try to keep him around a little longer. The Indy Star reports he's received enough of a raise to make him the second-best paid coach in the MAC. They also tagged on a new title. Read the story here.

The Princeton Football blog catches up with Chuck Dibilio, who ran for more yards than any Ivy League freshman ever only to suffer a stroke that he now concedes has likely ended his career.

From the story:
“He had a massive, massive stroke,” said Dr. Coyle Ronco.   “Most people die from the stroke he had, so it’s an amazing outcome to have almost zero residual effects.  
“Over time he will get to the point he understands this is the right decision.  It’s just been difficult for him to accept the loss of the sport he loves.”
From the Ivy League website:
Ivy League men's basketball is in the midst of its greatest postseason run in its 58-year history with four wins in its first five postseason games. League teams have showcased a flare for the dramatics with an upset victory by Harvard in the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship, last-second thrillers by Columbia and Yale in the Tournament (CIT) and a one-point road win by Princeton in the College Basketball Invitational (CBI).
We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Kudos to the schools that have posted wins in the alphabet soup tournaments, but when Harvard makes it to the Final Four a la Penn in 1979 and Princeton in 1965 we'll talk.

Harvard, by the way, takes on Michigan State tonight at 8:40 on TNT.
Caught the Penn State softball loss to Purdue last night. While the mercury (silicon?) hit 60 degrees during the afternoon, it got downright cold during the game. Kudos to Penn State for putting four propane space heaters on the concourse above the stands. They drew fans like a light bulb draws moths.

We'll be at the PSU baseball doubleheader this afternoon weather permitting and then will take That Certain Soph to the Nittany Lion Inn for his birthday dinner. The Inn would fit in quite nicely on the Dartmouth campus, by the way. Check out the pictures.