Sunday, March 02, 2014

'Watch' This (Pun Intended)

You know that famous Salvador Dali painting of the pocket watch? That's what the "Tsunami bar," Dartmouth football players are using in the weight room calls to mind. According to strength coach Dave Jenkerson, the thing "flexes and oscillates," making the players work not just harder, but also work as if they were going up against a moving, shifting human being. Check it out:

Joe Moglia's Dartmouth bio from the '83 press guide. (Click to enlarge.)
The Huffington Post has a Q&A with Coastal Carolina head football coach Joe Moglia about the decision to leave his job as a Dartmouth defensive assistant to enter an MBA training program, a decision that ultimately saw him become CEO and chairman of TD AMERITRADE.

Asked about leaving football, Moglia's answer begins this way:
It was my first year as the defensive coordinator at Dartmouth. We had four kids. We were going through a divorce. I couldn't afford to live independently and support my wife and four children. So, I moved into a storage loft above the football office at Dartmouth. I didn't mind that so much, but it had no heat, and I could see my breath in the wintertime. Dartmouth is in New Hampshire. It gets cold there, and I lived there for two years. In January of 1984, Miami had upset Nebraska for the national championship. They had offered me a job. For me to go as the defensive coordinator at Dartmouth to a national championship team is an incredible next step in terms of my career! But the reality was that my kids were going to live in New Hampshire. I was going to live in Coral Gables.
Some good news from the diamond yesterday as a couple of Dartmouth teams picked up nice wins.

The baseball team received a terrific start from sophomore Beau Sulser and handed No. 30 Florida International its first loss, 3-0. The Big Green evened its record at 1-1 while FIU fell to 10-1.

The Dartmouth softball team opened play in the James Madison Tournament with a 6-3 victory over Penn State. With 66 losses over the past two years, Penn State isn't a powerhouse, but any time you beat the Nittany Lions (5-11) you should feel good about yourself.