Monday, April 07, 2014

And The Winner Is . . .

One of the highlights at Sunday's annual football awards banquet came toward the end when Coach Buddy Teevens presented game balls. Presented isn't quite the right word. Tossed out is more accurate. Here are a few of the softer spirals the former quarterback threw after a zinger to a linemen fell incomplete ;-)


Earl Hamilton Freshman Award – Presented to the member of the freshman team who has been selected by the coaching staff as the player has made the most outstanding contribution to his team. Linebacker Folarin Orimolade

Jake Crouthamel Award –  Presented to the member of the varsity offense who was an underclassman and who, by the vote of the coaching staff, has made the most significant contribution to the success of the team.
Wide receiver Bo Patterson

Kenneth T. Young Award – Presented to the member of the varsity defense who is an underclassman who, by vote of the coaching staff, has made the most significant contribution to the success of the team.
Defensive End Evan Chrustic

Doten Award –  Presented to a member of the sophomore class who has made a significant contribution to the success of the varsity football team.
Corner Vernon Harris

Earl Hamilton Award –  Presented to the senior football player who has displayed a sincere friendliness and sense of humor plus appreciation of the outdoors that were the late Mr. Hamilton's characteristics.
Tailback Dan Henggeler

Offensive Scout Award
Lineman David Morrison 

Defensive Scout Award
Safety Jimmy Johnson

Special Teams Award
Linebacker Will McNamara

John M. Manley '40 Award – Presented  to the member of the varsity football team who has demonstrated the most improvement through his efforts in the weight room.
Safety Garrett Waggoner/Defensive Lineman Elliot Kastner  

12th Man Award – Presented to the member of the varsity football team who has demonstrated hard work and dedication regardless of playing time.
Tight end Cole Marcoux

Lester R. Godwin Award – Presented to the senior football squad member who, through extraordinary perseverance, has risen above personal disadvantage to contribute measurably to the team. Through the gift of the late Lester R. Godwin '30, Winchester, Mass. Mr. Godwin was president of the Dartmouth Alumni Association of Eastern Massachusetts and active in class activities. The award is a wristwatch, suitably inscribed.
Defensive Lineman Elliot Kastner
The Hewitt Award – Presented to the varsity player who best epitomizes athletic performance with academic achievement.
Linebacker Michael Runger
Gordon P.  Bennett Award – Presented  to the member of the varsity football team who has been selected by the coaching staff as the outstanding offensive or defensive lineman and who exemplified the high degree of performance, sportsmanship and character exhibited by Gordon P.  Bennett '37.
Offensive lineman Cohle Fowler
Frank Hershey Award – Presented  to the senior football player who possesses a genuine zest for life, has maintained a strong, positive attitude and has displayed a sincere desire to win, which were the qualities of the late Coach Hershey.
Corner Chase Womack
The Coach Bob Blackman Trophy – Presented  to the member of the varsity football team selected by the football coaching staff who has contributed most to the success of the team.
Tailback Dominick Pierre
Stubby Pearson Award – Established  in 2007 and presented to an underclassmen on the football team whose character, leadership on campus, high academic standing and performance on the playing field most resembles that of Charles (Stubby)  Pearson '42, captain of the 1941 football team who died while serving in the U.S. Navy in World War II. He also was captain of basketball and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and valedictorian of his class. Gift of David Little '44 and Peter Little '81.
Safety Steve Dazzo
Manners Makyth Man Award – Presented to the member of the varsity football team who, in the judgment of his teammates, has best conducted himself to the advantage of the college and displayed good manners in the sense of William Wickham's phrase, "Manners Makyth Man.”
Tailback Kevin Price

Inaugural Reggie Williams Award – Presented to the member of the Dartmouth football program who through leadership in action and word has made Dartmouth a better place
Linebacker Bronson Green

West Gym hosts the banquet. (Click photos to enlarge)
Bronson Green holds the Reggie Williams Award while Reggie holds court. 
The seniors gather at the front of the room at the end of the affair.
The postcard on yesterday's blog brought a handful of responses offering educated guesses from when the picture was taken. Here's the most definitive:
The aerial view of Memorial Field area dates from at least the 1950s. The lower left corner has been occupied by Leverone Field House since 1962 and was at least two years under construction. The view was taken during the early fall because the bleachers on east side of Memorial Field would have been removed during baseball season. Trees are just beginning to change color. Note, too, that the end zone bleachers are green.
The baseball diamond was rotated counterclockwise to make right field foul line almost parallel with football in order to accommodate the expanded (9000 seats) East grandstand (since reduced to accommodate Floren Varsity House) that was built in 1968. On right edge of photo is partial view of Davis Rink that was demolished in early 80s to make way for Berry Sports Center (Thompson Arena opened in 1975). 
If you look beyond the athletics area, you'll note that the heating plant is very different from today (except for the smokestack) and if you look toward Main Street you can see that Hopkins Center, also opened in 1962, is nonexistent and there's a virtually clear view to the west side of Main Street.
The Dartmouth takes a look at the push by Northwestern football players to form a union and wonders how that applies to the Big Green. LINK

Wide receiver Ryan McManus drills right to the root of the difference between Northwestern athletes and Dartmouth/Ivy League athletes:
“I think the Ivy League is a unique situation for varsity athletes. Because we’re not on athletic scholarships, we’re like every other regular student. Sports are just an additional commitment that some other students might not have.” 
Dartmouth's second game next fall is at 2014 FCS semifinalist New Hampshire. One of the keys to UNH's success last fall was improved defense under the leadership of former Dartmouth head coach John Lyons. The Wildcats are simplifying their defensive scheme this spring in order to be able to react more quickly according to an Allen Lessels story in the Manchester Union Leader. LINK