Monday, April 28, 2014

Charting The Future

As part of last week's look at the incoming freshman class, BGA Premium included charts showing next fall's potential offensive and defensive rosters. Click the charts to make them larger and clearer.

A few things to keep in mind. First, roster changes between spring and fall are not at all unusual in college football. Second, positions are fluid. Third, rather than leave them out, Coach Buddy Teevens likes to include non-recruited freshmen who have expressed an interest in possibly playing football. The plus side of that is kids who "walk on," are treated the same as recruits. The down side is, they don't always come out for the team. 

And finally, no other eyes "proofed," these charts, meaning mistakes are all mine. So, caveat emptor. 

Saturday's practice was rescheduled for this afternoon and it appears to have been a prudent move. Instead of a driving rain there are puffing clouds over a Carolina blue sky this morning with the temperature expected to be in the mid-50's during practice.

The final spring practices will be Tuesday and Thursday with a Green-White scrimmage Saturday.