Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making A Difference

There have been plenty of headlines shouting at you on the Internet and in the national media of late regarding problems at Dartmouth. No need to pile on here.

That said, a story in our local daily yesterday reported that 20 or so people attended a forum about the college's sexual assault policy and one of those who showed up was head football coach Buddy Teevens. (LINK - may require subscription) From the newspaper report, in which :
". . . (Teevens) said he often has conversations with his players about issues such as sexual assault and binge drinking. He said he owes it to them as their coach to discuss issues beyond the football field.
“It may be embarrassing at times to some of the guys,” Teevens said, “but it’s the life of 18- to 22-year-old guys, and they need to understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things, and I want our reputation to be pristine.”
A Philadelphia Inquirer column about Al Bagnoli retiring as head football coach at Penn at the conclusion of the 2014 season and being replaced by longtime defensive coordinator Ray Priore includes this nugget:
Penn's top brass and also incoming AD Grace Calhoun signed off on this transition plan, all parties said. This makes sense. Calhoun arrives July 1 from Loyola University of Chicago. That's her only stop in charge of an athletic department, and Loyola doesn't have a football team. It's in her interests to have this figured out in advance. If Priore is as successful as Bagnoli has been, that will be great for her. (If not, she didn't hire him.
Priore, who just turned 50, has been on the Penn staff for 28 years.

Jonathan Tannenwald, who broke the story, posted a Bagnoli quote that summarizes his rationale for stepping down when he will and his thoughts about the future in the always informative Soft Pretzel Logic column:
"At a certain point in time, you just kind of feel when it’s right to move on and do something else," he said. "Hopefully that will occur under a different administration, and I'll get a chance to hang on with Dr. Calhoun."
Dartmouth spring practice hits the two-thirds point this afternoon when the Big Green holds its eighth session on Memorial Field. Check BGA Premium tonight both for a look at the incoming freshmen penciled in to start their careers on the defensive side of the ball next fall as well as coverage of the practice session.