Thursday, April 10, 2014


Dartmouth has received a $100 million gift, the largest in school history. The donor prefers to remain anonymous. From The Dartmouth:
The gift, the largest single outright donation in College history, includes a matching mechanism that could double its amount to $200 million through the end of 2015, senior vice president of advancement Bob Lasher ’88 said. 
And . . .
The $100 million gift will be divided into two portions of $50 million each. One will support future academic initiatives, and the second will endow cross-disciplinary programs. 
After much consideration I've decided it's the right thing to do to reveal the anonymous donor.

It was me.
OK, that's not really true.
Among the many publications to come out of Dartmouth is one called, From The Green. The spring issue has a look at senior tailback Kevin Price, a veteran who walked onto the Dartmouth football team at age 31.

At the team banquet Sunday, Price was presented with the program's Manners Makyth Man Award, "Presented to the member of the varsity football team who, in the judgment of his teammates, has best conducted himself to the advantage of the college and displayed good manners in the sense of William Wickham's phrase, 'Manners Makyth Man.' ” 

I'd toss a link up, but if the publication is online – which it should be – I can't find it. If you click the jpeg below it should swell enough to be readable.

Click and then click again to make readable.
The Sports Network reports there will be 108 FCS-FBS games next fall including Dartmouth opponent New Hampshire at Toledo on Aug. 30. FCS teams won 16 games over teams from the FBS last year. LINK
Spring practice No. 2 is slated for 4:45 this afternoon on Memorial Field and there will be full coverage tonight on BGA Premium. The first week of spring ball wraps up with a 9:45 a.m. session Saturday on Memorial Field.