Saturday, April 26, 2014

Waggoner Getting Attention

The word from the Detroit Super Regional Combine is that Garrett Waggoner had another strong showing, although he wisely chose not to run to protect a balky hamstring. The above graphic was pulled together by College2Pro and is part of a scouting report that includes a Q&A with Waggoner. Find the full scouting report with video links here.

Mentions of Waggoner have included a 65-inch box jump that has been featured here before. Check it out:

Here's Waggoner's lengthy highlight video, starting with his interception sealing the win over Princeton in a November snowstorm:

Waggoner and tailback Dominick Pierre both get a mention in a blog post by NFL guru Gil Brandt. LINK
The third week of Dartmouth spring football practice is scheduled to conclude today. It's raining out there now and there's always a chance it will be shifted. But if they are out there, I'll be out there and you'll be able to find a report tonight on BGA Premium.
And finally, a Happy Birthday to That Certain '14, who got her best present a week ago when she learned she will put her Earth Sciences degree to work this summer as a National Park ranger. Like others, I have my fingers crossed that she gets to wear the iconic hat. . . . And just because she doesn't already have enough on her plate (ha) she told us last night she's signed on to be one of her class notes editors for the next five years. BTW, if you've taken a Dartmouth tour this year, she might well have been your guide ;-)