Thursday, May 28, 2015

'A Pioneering Icon Of American Football In Brazil'

As a freshman playing on the Dartmouth junior varsity football team Casey Frost threw for 254 yards, averaging a full 28.2 yards per completion. While the 6-foot-3, 209-pound graduate of Los Angeles powerhouse Loyola High School switched to the defensive side of the ball for the rest of his collegiate career (posting 29 tackles and blocking two kicks as a senior in 2008) the quarterback bug never quite let go.

Seven years after graduation, Frost is still playing football and he's doing it as a quarterback. In Brazil where he is popularly known as "KC Frost."

Crowdfunding for a movie about Frost's Brazilian adventure tentatively titled Tackling Brazil appears to have come up short a little over two years ago but here's the trailer it used:

There also was a video of Frost explaining in English to a Brazilian TV audience how to throw a spiral:

Lest you doubt him, Frost has indeed learned to speak Portuguese ;-) Check out a quick TV interview HERE.

Find his Brazilian highlight video HERE and a quick brief with a photo of him from when he joined the Flamencg team HERE.

Here's a computerized translation of excerpts from Frost's Portuguese language Wikipedia page (and yes, the italics are mine ;-):
In 2010, after his graduation the player moved to São Paulo, Brazil and began its participation as team Quarterback Corinthians Steamrollers, which became known for its racing and long passes. As quarterback, safety and strike captain and Offensive Coordinator of the Corinthians Steamrollers, KC Frost won two unpublished titles with the team and a total of four titles, two national (Touchdown Tournament 2011 and 2012) and two state (Fefasp 2011 and 2012). 4 In 2013 he served in São Paulo Storm team as quarterback, where he won the Paulista title (LPFA) 5 in and played the CBFA.
Currently KC Frost operates in Flamengo Football team as quarterback, where he again contest the tournament Touchdown.6
The ability to integrate the Brazilian culture as well as its exciting plays and impressionantes7 5 consecutive titles drew the attention of the Brazilian media. As an athlete, the player participated in television shows and appeared in propaganda Open Inglês and Budweiser, which opposite the fighter Anderson Silva8. As a result, the player is now known as one of the pioneering icons of American Football in Brazil.