Saturday, May 09, 2015

Coming And Going

Joining the Dartmouth football program this spring is University of North Carolina graduate Dino Cauteruccio, who has been brought in as the new director of football operations.

Cauteruccio, who grew up in Holbrook, Mass., was a four-year manager of the Catholic Memorial High School football team and went on to serve as head manager for the North Carolina football team.

He spent two years as an operations assistant for the Tar Heels after graduating with a degree in exercise and sports science, sport administration.

Cauteruccio replaces former assistant DFO Mike Morris, who accepted a position as director of football ops at Harvard. (LINK)
Dartmouth baseball faces Columbia today in the Ivy League Championship Series in New York City. The teams will play a doubleheader today and barring a sweep will complete the best-of-three battle for the Ivy League championship tomorrow in the Big Apple. The winner of the ILCS will gain the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.
Back to comings and goings, That Certain Dartmouth '14 is moving on.

While she thoroughly enjoyed living in Madison, Wis. – making a lot of friends at work and in the community – it didn't take her long to realize she's more comfortable outdoors than in an office. After working last summer leading hikes, giving campfire talks and staffing the headquarters as a ranger at Colorado National Monument she knew that one day she would return to the National Park Service.

It was hard to turn down an offer to work at a small park in Colorado but when Yellowstone came calling out of the blue she knew it was the chance of a lifetime to combine her Dartmouth earth science degree, her minor in education and her love of the outdoor world.

Starting next month she will be a ranger working primarily with the Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps. Read about the program HERE.

Like a lot of Park Service jobs, it is a seasonal position and she had to take that into account when deciding to move on from a position that paid her comfortably. That she was willing to scramble to fill in her winter helped her realize she needed to pursue her passion. She is already exploring ideas about what she will do after her summer at the park – perhaps in science education – and is confident she can make it work.

One reason: She will have a big foot in the door. Park Service veterans have been known to say that in their world having Yellowstone on your resume is a little like having Harvard on your resume.

Or, That Certain '14 would be tempted to tell them, like having Dartmouth on your resume ;-)