Thursday, May 14, 2015

Getting There

Photos shot Wednesday show that progress continues on the new home grandstand at Memorial Field. The press box will be constructed between the towers. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

The elevator to the press box will be on the right. 
The last sections of stands still await installation.
The view from the road

The list of incoming football recruits is now on Dartmouth's football page HERE.
Princeton's list of recruits has been posted HERE and it includes linebacker Eddie Rudinski, who had announced for Dartmouth after decommitting from Washington State.
Columbia's list has not yet been posted but it will apparently include the name of dual-threat quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg, who the University of Florida head coach reported is transferring to the Lions. If, has been reported elsewhere, Brett Nottingham has returned to the team, Columbia will have transfer QBs from Florida and Stanford next year. There are also murmurs about another transfer or two from power conference schools on the way as new coach Al Bagnoli goes about building the program.
Speaking of Columbia, ESPN has a terrific story about 29-year-old Lion baseball player Joey Falcone, a former Marine medic who did two tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. After six years away from the game, the son of former big leaguer Pete Falcone began his college baseball career at Division III College of Staten Island before transferring to Columbia.
And back on the subject of New Hampshire football stadium construction . . . UNH has begun dismantling its visiting stands as it begins its own stadium project. There's a story HERE.