Saturday, June 06, 2015

Comparative Records

With a couple of writing deadlines satisfied I did a little preliminary fact-finding for the opponent previews that will run on the BGA Premium site in early August. Among other things I worked up was the five-year records of teams Dartmouth will play next fall. Here they are in order from worst win percentage to best:

.160 Columbia (8-42)
.300 Cornell (15-35)
.375 Central Connecticut (21-35)
.400 Princeton (20-30)
.400 Georgetown (22-33)
.517 Sacred Heart (30-28)
.520 Penn (26-24)
.540 Yale (27-23)
.620 Brown (31-19)
.860 Harvard (43-7)

Surprised by some of those numbers? Here are three things that surprised me . . .

• Princeton's five-year record was worse than I thought.

• I never would have believed Yale would have a better record than Penn.

• I would have expected Penn's record to be better than Brown's.
You are wondering where Dartmouth would be in that list, aren't you?

The Big Green would probably be another surprise, posting a .620 winning percentage to tie with Brown for second in the Ivy League at 31-19.
In case you were wondering, among other recent Dartmouth opponents . . .

.368 Holy Cross (21-36)
.437 Bucknell (24-31)
.526 Butler (30-27)
.697 New Hampshire (46-20)