Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fast Company

When you are on a "What they're saying," along with a Dallas Cowboy quarterback and the Auburn head coach people you are in fast company. This screen grab is from the website for STRIVR, the virtual reality training system purchased by Dartmouth, the Cowboys, Auburn, Arkansas, Vanderbilt and Stanford (which probably got it gratis ;-).   (Click the photo to enlarge.)

Tech Times has just posted a lengthy story about STRIVR under the headline, All You Need To Know About Virtual Reality Training In College Football And The NFL. (LINK)

From the story:
As of Sunday (June 28), (STRIVR CEO and founder Derek) Belch estimated that the number of college football teams using STRIVR's virtual reality platform will double by the time training camp begins in late July to early August. Although the Cowboys are the only NFL team that has officially signed with the company, Belch says STRIVR has an agreement in principle with two other teams and is waiting response from three more league franchises.
"We could easily have anywhere from five to 10 NFL teams come training camp time," Belch tells Tech Times.
 Belch explaining to Tech Times how the system will help a quarterback:
"Pretty much when he puts [the headset] on and he's going to have his eyes as if he was on the field. You're going to look down, you're going to look up and you're going to look left and right. You're going to be right there on the practice field. From a mental training standpoint, he's able to go through—without running around hard and maybe he won't sweat, but without physically exerting himself too much—he's able to get reps from a mental standpoint. For that position, it's absolutely invaluable as far as improving your reaction time and decision making."
In his CFL debut with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers former Dartmouth safety Garrett Waggoner had one STT in a 30-26 win over Saskatchewan. Yeah, I couldn't figure out what an STT was either. A little Googling later I was feeling pretty foolish because it's pretty simple. Special Teams Tackle.
Driving back up to the shoulder of Moose Mountain yesterday I noticed the odometer on our 1984 VW Westfalia camper was hitting a milestone. Check it out:

In case you are wondering, that means the 31-year-old vehicle has by far the fewest miles on it of our three vehicles. Helps that it spends half the year hibernating.

The VW bus, by the way, comes in handy doing BGA. Double-sessions in preseason are becoming a thing of the past but when Dartmouth holds them I write up the first one in the VW, take a quick nap instead of driving home, and then cover the second session. Here's a look a the BGA mobile headquarters, which sleeps two in the upper bunk and two on the main level, and has a fridge, sink, stove, hanging closet and plenty of storage. And no, it's not for sale. Ever ;-). Click photos for a better look:

When I have pressing deadlines on freelance work during the summer I'll often drive the VW to a quiet overlook, push up the top and get down to work. With no phone, Internet, fridge, TV or other temptations it's a great place to work and I'll be tickling the keys in it today.

It could really use a paint job but the estimate I got a couple of years ago was for significantly more than we paid for it 21 years ago.