Sunday, June 21, 2015

Special Day

It would be an exaggeration to say that on the golf course the Friends of Dartmouth Football Golf Classic went from the ridiculous to the sublime . . . but there's a kernel of truth to that description. Here are some photos I shot yesterday, starting at the Friends meeting in the Hanover Inn, proceeding to the luncheon and auction, and then on to the course. Click to pictures to enlarge them.

Players show off several of the 27 uniform combinations that will be available this fall thanks to the addition of black shirts, pants and a third helmet.
Prominent in the tent at Hanover Country Club was a large sign recognizing those who made the afternoon possible. 
The festivities were so popular this year that there was a waitlist to play.
One of the articles available in the silent auction
Smiles were the order of the day.
And it could not have been a nicer day.
Speaking of smiles, this one brought a few.
And so did this one.
The New York Post has a story (LINK) about Duke product Justise Winslow, a potential New York Knicks lottery pick and the brother of Dartmouth safety Josh Winslow.

The 5-foot-10 Josh shows just how smart of an Ivy Leaguer he is when he talks about playing against his talented 6-foot-6 younger brother. From the story:
“One of my things I brag about is he’s never beat me, because I’ll just foul him until he quits,” Josh said with a laugh. “He still to this day has never beat me in 1-on-1.
“I haven’t played him since 10th grade … (but) you have to pick your spots.”