Thursday, July 16, 2015

Football 101

Dartmouth will be hosting another Football 101 next month. By any measure the event was a huge success last year. To sign up, CLICK HERE.
Old friend New Hampshire, which is playing at San Jose State this fall, has announced upcoming games against San Diego State and Colorado.

The Wildcats won five consecutive FBS matchups before dropping their last five. Their wins were over Rutgers, Northwestern, Marshall, Army and Ball State. Check out the UNH Insider HERE.
Love him or hate him – and there are a lot of people on either side of that divide – Lou Holtz' graduation address at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, is well worth watching. It's 17 minutes so you'll need a little time – but make time for it.

Like the late Dartmouth coach/administrator/toastmaster Whitey Burnham, Holtz has a way of making you laugh even if you already know the punchline or can see it coming 100 yards away. But beyond being funny, Holtz has a very good message. Thanks for sharing the link ;-)

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