Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pay Attention To Those Game Times . . . Or Else

Headed to a Dartmouth football game this fall? Better double-check the schedule. Make that triple-check.

With the announcement that the Oct. 3 game at Penn will be at 3:30, the Big Green schedule now features games at seven different game times, on two different days of the week:

Noon – Georgetown, Central Connecticut and Princeton
12:30 – Brown
1:30 – Yale
3 – Columbia
3:30 – Penn
7 – Sacred Heart
7:30 Harvard (Friday)
8 – Cornell (Friday)

Green Alert Take: Mark it down. Someone will show up for a game this fall and have a long wait on a Saturday afternoon. Or a r-e-a-l-l-y long wait if the game was played the night before.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Steelers blog writes about Dartmouth alum Dan Rooney '12 (LINK):
The son of Art II, Dan works as a scout for the Steelers. He was a quarterback and is a graduate from Dartmouth and interned in the NFL offices for a few years before joining the Steelers’ scouting department. He is intelligent, grew up around football, knows the game and looks to me to have all the qualifications to succeed his father in the job with more seasoning, if indeed that is how they want to go when that time comes.
Find Rooney's Dartmouth bio HERE.
Speaking of former Dartmouth quarterbacks in coaching, Dan Shula '06 is wide receivers coach at Florida Atlantic University after working at Alabama, Miami and Illinois State. Find his FAU bio HERE.

The latest college football team to join early adopter Dartmouth on the STRIVR virtual reality bandwagon is Rice University. (LINK)
Would it surprise you that there will be more colleges fielding football teams this fall than ever before? It's true.

With the addition of East Tennessee State University, Finlandia University, Lyon College and Kennesaw State (whose president is Dartmouth alum Daniel Papp) there will be an all-time high 773 college football teams this fall according to the National Football Foundation. There were 32 football teams added between 2011 and 2014. (LINK)