Thursday, July 09, 2015

Stadium Stuff

Falling down on the job I had only my iPod Touch with me yesterday when I was in town and happened to notice brick going up on either end of the new football press box. It's tough to see in these iPod snapshots but the bricks dress the box up nicely.

Still on the subject of the stadium, thanks to the always informative Dartmo.: The Buildings of Dartmouth College for uncovering a little more background on the project. The site has a link to a page put up by PCI Northeast, "A Chapter of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute" that features a series of pictures including some from within the project:

CLICK HERE to access the PCI page and photo album.
The page notes there are "822 precast concrete components, including:
• 33 single risers
• 56 double risers
• 79 triple risers
• 44 raker beams
• 36 hollowcore planks (restroom)
• 6 ADA platform slabs
• 44 columns
• 2 corner slabs
• 13 infill panels (pressbox)
• 4 beams (pressbox)
• 4 L-beams
• 23 slabs (pressbox)
• 14 slabs (main-aisle)
• 2 vomitory ramp slabs
• 2 vomitory landings
• 12 vomitory beams
• 23 vomitory panels
• 8 vomitory walls
• 47 stair/elevator shaft walls
• 3 stair/elevator cap slabs
• 8 spandrels
• 334 steps
• 25 tie beams  
The "precaster" for the wonderfully named vomitory landings and the rest was the Middlebury, Vt. company J.P. Carrara & Sons, Inc., which lists among its "selected" stadium and arena projects Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, home of the New England Patriots. (LINK)

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