Monday, August 17, 2015

Sagarin Checks In

The first Sagarin Ratings are up, and as usual they are more of a reflection of last year's standings than this year's teams. They'll become more meaningful as the season goes on. Find the Sagarin ratings HERE.

142. Harvard
172. Dartmouth
182. Yale
196. Brown
198. Princeton
212. Penn
234. Cornell
240. Columbia

Non-League Opponents
200. Sacred Heart
224. Central Connecticut
225. Georgetown

Recent Opponents
116. New Hampshire
188. Bucknell
205. Holy Cross
241. Butler
The Houston Chronicle has a slide show of the All-Greater Houston Top 100 recruits and Dartmouth-bound wide receiver Hunter Hagdorn makes the cut. Hagdorn will be a senior this fall.  CLICK HERE.
Word has reached this electronic precinct about a 6-foot-2, 205/10 linebacker from Georgia who is headed this way. If/when I find a link or a Tweet I'll toss it up here. In the meantime, that's all I've got for you except that there are two stars after his name ;-)
The Brown preview went up on BGA Premium last night. Columbia will be tonight and Cornell tomorrow. The "Alerts" list is still being compiled so it may be a bit before those start going out.

Information on signing up AND renewing is on THIS PAGE.

Because it has to be done manually (and it's no fun) the subscription list will be weeded out in coming days, so if you haven't "re-upped" yet, there's still time.
And finally, Mrs. BGA and I were dropped off 20 miles north of Hanover and kayaked back to campus yesterday. Yes, it's easier if you are going downstream, but apparently there wasn't much water going through the dam yesterday because the river was more of a lake. It was an absolutely beautiful day on the river but it turns out 20-miles (and probably more when you figure the twists and turns) is a v-e-r-y  l-o-n-g day. Kudos to Mrs. BGA for putting up with me for dragging her along ;-)