Friday, September 04, 2015

A Multimedia Morning

NPR's first-hand report of the Dartmouth MVP robotic dummy has hit the airwaves on Morning Edition. Listen to the report about the Mobile Virtual Player:

James Jones and John Lyons
San Jose State's 43-13 win over New Hampshire last night featured a couple of familiar names to Dartmouth followers. James Jones is the Spartans' defensive line coach. He did two stints at Dartmouth, in 2005 and from 2008-10. Find his bio HERE.

UNH defensive coordinator John Lyons came to Dartmouth as an assistant under Buddy Teevens. He was the Dartmouth head coach from 1992-2004, winning two Ivy League titles and being named the New England Coach of the Year after guiding the Big Green to a 10-0 record in 1996. Find his bio HERE.

Thanks to a loyal reader from the West Coast for the photo ;-)
The University of La Verne is a Division III school in California. Devorah Lieberman is its president and she recently did something novel. She tossed on full pads and a helmet and worked on fielding punts at a football team practice:

If you say you can't imagine an Ivy League president doing the same thing, think again. Former Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim played high school football in Iowa, as he explained in a Freakonomics podcast:
I actually played quarterback for my high school football team. And, although some people are impressed with that, I then also have to admit that our high school football team had the longest losing streak in the nation when I was the quarterback.
You can listen to the full Feb. 19 podcast with the World Bank president HERE.

Kim was a frequent visitor to Dartmouth football practices and spent most Saturdays in the fall on the Big Green sideline, sometimes even chest-bumping players as they came off the field. Here's a video I pull together back at the time:

More from the way back machine: Watch this video of Kim from a Dartmouth Idol show and at the 1:08 mark you'll hear him chant: Go go Big Green, Go Go.

The Dartmouth football practice originally scheduled for 3 p.m. today has been moved to 2. The Big Green had two practices yesterday and there were 1,000-plus word reports about both on BGA Premium. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?
By most accounts Yale grad Tyler Varga is considered a longshot to stick as a running back with the Indianapolis Colts. It didn't hurt his cause that he had a solid game last night and that Colts running backs are dropping like the proverbial flies. (LINK)
And finally, a little news about the Moose Mountain team.

That Certain '14 has finished her summer ranger position in Yellowstone and will be a ranger educator for the next two months. She will do outreach programs, not just in area schools, but also via Skype with schools around the country. As a seasonal ranger she will finish up this stint at the park at the end of October but has been offered the chance to return next year. She is mulling an offer to spend the winter teaching skiing in Colorado and, really, wouldn't a lot of us like to trade places with her?

I spoke with her last night after she finished practice with the youth soccer team that she's helping to coach. She told me she was playing pickup Ultimate Frisbee in Mammoth Hot Springs recently and that a game was held up because a bull elk was on the field. She said they kept playing when 40 or so females were on the edge of the field, but no one messes around with the bulls.

(For what it's worth, That Certain '14 earned 12 letters in four sports in high school, one every season, but she never, ever, had a practice delayed by an elk ;-)

That Certain Nittany Lion '16, meanwhile, had a small panic attack at 7 yesterday morning before resolving an issue and landing his Penn State ice hockey tickets. Because he had a little computer problem he's fortunate the tickets took a little longer to sell out this year. Last September they took three minutes to sell online. This year they took all of five.

Those aren't the only tickets he bought recently. When the most inexpensive student seats sold out for an upcoming event at the school's Bryce Jordan Center he waffled about spending more and asked what we thought. It took us about, well, one second to tell him he absolutely, unequivocally, should spend the money. I mean, the guy might not sound the way he did in his prime, but really, how many times do you get to see  . . . wait for it . . . Sir Paul McCartney in concert?

He's also seen Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel the past couple of years. Not a bad lineup, that.