Tuesday, September 01, 2015

State Of The Ivy

A friend of BGA shared a link to a posting on South Florida High School Sports.com listing the number of Florida kids playing at each Ivy League school. Keeping in mind that the numbers can be a little off when a kid graduates high school in one state and attends a PG year in another, here are the numbers the posting lists for each Ivy:

Dartmouth 12
Princeton 12
Brown 11
Penn 7
Yale 7
Harvard 5
Cornell 3
Columbia 2

From Dartmouth the posting lists these players:
Jarius Brown, DB, So., Fort Lauderdale University School
Jon Marc Carrier, WR, Jr., Lutz Steinbrenner
Joshua Clark, OL, Sr., Bradenton Christian
Darius George, DB, Jr., Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons
Brian Grove, RB, Sr., West Palm Beach The King’s Academy
Vernon Harris, DB. Sr., Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas
Frankie Hernandez, DB, Sr., Miami Belen Jesuit
Blake Orvis, TE, Jr., Orlando Boone
Nick Peart, DB, Fr., Plantation American Heritage
Justin Porter, RB, Sr., Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna
Zach Slafsky, LB, Sr., Delray American Heritage
Emmanuel Soto, WR, Fr., Davie University School

That got me curious and sent me scrambling to see the overall breakdown at Dartmouth this year. Again, keeping in mind that a player like AJ Zuttah, who grew up in New Jersey and prepped in Connecticut, can only count once (this time for Connecticut), here are the numbers for Dartmouth:

California 16
Illinios 15
Florida 12
Texas 11
Minnesota 6
Connecticut 5
Georgia 5
Massachusetts 5
New Jersey 5
Louisiana 4
Maryland 4
North Carolina 4
Ohio 4
Oklahoma 4
Pennsylvania 4
Virginia 4
Washington 4
Arizona 3
Colorado 3
Canada 2
Hawaii 1
Indiana 1
Kentucky 1
Maine 1
Missouri 1
Nevada 1
New York 1
Wisconsin 1

And of course that got me curious about numbers from other schools, so I pulled up some factoids that you might find interesting as well ;-)

Brown, which has almost as many Floridians as the top two schools has:
California 13, Massachusetts 12, Connecticut 10

Columbia has almost no presence in Florida but leans to another warmer-weather state:
Texas 15, California 9. I would have thought Columbia would have a greater presence in the tri-state area but it has: New Jersey 8, New York 6, Connecticut 0

Cornell goes most heavily far and near: California 14, Pennsylvania 12 and New York 10 but it has just two players from New Jersey.

Harvard has 18 players from California, 13 from Texas and 11 from Ohio.

Penn goes heavily to California with 21 players and actually draws more from New Jersey, 19, than Pennsylvania, 14.

Princeton has more players from New Jersey (14) than Florida (12), Pennsylvania (11) or, most surprisingly, California (11).

Yale has 18 players from California and 10 from Connecticut, where it has always been able to keep talent home. There are just six Bulldogs from Texas and, astonishingly given the Ivy presence in the state, none from Massachusetts.

All of that got me scrambling over to the only truly national school on Dartmouth's schedule this fall, Georgetown. There are 14 Hoyas from Florida and 10 from New Jersey but just four from California. There are seven from Texas.
NJ. com has a story about Trenton Thunder minor league baseball play-by-play broadcaster Adam Giardino and his partner.

Giardino will call Dartmouth football games this fall with longtime color-commentator Wayne Young '72. Find the story HERE.
And finally, Dartmouth football had a welcome day off yesterday and the playesr and coaches spent the afternoon at Storrs Pond Recreation area in Hanover. I decided to shoot video and try to grab stills from what I shot. OK, that was a bad decision, which explains the problem with the slide show I put together. I'm hugely disappointed at the dumb mistake I made, but at least it should give you an idea of some of the fun the guys enjoyed.

The first double-session of the preseason is on tap today. I'll be covering both practices and will be filing a story on the first before the second begins. (I may even get a nap in the BGA mobile headquarters ;-)