Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring Practice Schedule

When I first covered Ivy League football the conference allowed just one day of spring practice. To be sure, it wasn't much more than an opportunity to meet, get fitted for equipment and run a few plays.

That all changed with cutback in recruiting numbers accompanied by the start of freshman eligibility ahead of the 1993 season. As an aside, I still remember then-head coach John Lyons telling me at the time that Adam Nelson, who would go on to win a gold medal in the Olympic shot put, was his early favorite to become the first freshman to play for Dartmouth because of his ability to long snap. I don't think it worked out that way but it makes for a good story ;-)

All that said, here's the schedule for Dartmouth's 12 days of spring football now allowed:

Tuesday, April 12
Thursday, April 14
Saturday, April 16

Tuesday, April 19
Thursday, April 21
Saturday, April 23

Tuesday, April 26
Thursday, April 28
Saturday, April 30

Tuesday, May 3
Thursday, May 5
Saturday, May7 (Spring Game)

Tuesday and Thursday practices will be in the afternoon. Saturday practices will be in the morning.