Friday, March 18, 2016

Brain Injury Awareness

A USA Today High School Sports report about Capitol Hill for Brain Injury Awareness Day is built around the tragic story of onetime Dartmouth running back Patrick Risha, who took his own life at age 32 and was discovered to have been suffering from CTE. Risha's mother, Karen (Zegel), helped start the Patrick Risha CTE Awareness Foundation and the website, whose mission, the story says . . .
. . . is twofold: getting parents of young athletes to understand the risks of impact sports in childhood and to get medical examiners to look for CTE in those who have died. CTE also has been found in people who did not play contact sports.
From the story:
Zegel and members of nine other families who have been affected by brain injuries took their stories Wednesday to Capitol Hill for Brain Injury Awareness Day. . . 
Read the full story HERE.
With graduation taking a serious bite out of the Dartmouth football team it's as good a time as any to take a second look at who will be asked to step up next fall. Here are the videos that were produced by the football office to introduce the coming year's senior, junior and sophomore classes prior to their arrival on campus.

This fall's senior class:

This fall's junior class:

This fall's sophomore class:

(There's one player who appears in the last two videos because he took a prep year after originally committing out of high school.)