Monday, March 28, 2016

Check It Out

This one is fun!

Saw this on a message board regarding Patriot League and Ivy League scheduling:
Fordham will be playing Navy and Lafayette will be playing Army in 2016. Also Holy Cross and Fordham will be playing at Yankee Stadium in 2016. (Editor's note: Also, Colgate plays Syracuse this fall.)
Holy Cross will play Uconn in 2017, Boston College in 2018 and Syracuse in 2019.  
Meanwhile Ivy League teams can look forward to playing Stetson, Marist, Butler and Saint Francis.
Green Alert Take: Ouch (although it should be noted Dartmouth has a game at Army in 2022).

A group of graduating seniors from the Dartmouth football team who got back from winter break early enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and a delicious home-cooked meal yesterday afternoon courtesy of teammate Dan Gorman's folks up here in Etna.

It had been rumored that the hunt in the Gorman's yard would be full contact. I'm happy to report that was just a rumor – but regret that I didn't have my camera ready to snap shots of a few guys running around with some pretty, uh, dainty Easter baskets ;-)